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Nathan “Nate” Foster is the main protagonist in the Disney+ original film Better Nate Than Ever. He is a 13-year-old boy who dreams of becoming a Broadway actor. Nate is the son of Sherrie and Rex Foster. Nate is Anthony Foster’s younger brother. Nate is Libby’s best friend.


Nate Foster is a 13-year-old who loves Broadway and wishes to be the lead in a show. When his friend Libby informs him that they are holding auditions for a musical adaptation of Lilo & Stitch, he sets out with her to snag the lead role of Stitch. He faces many conflicts and pressures throughout his journey, but ultimately manages to make it through.


Nate is a very optimistic and happy-go-lucky teenager. He is very passionate about his goal of being a Broadway performer and is not afraid to show off, though he is not egotistical. He does occasionally show bouts of being concerned with his abilities, but perks up when he learns that he has achieved some positivity in his life.



  • Nate Foster is the first LGBTQ+ protagonist in a live action Disney film, as opposed to a supporting role.
    • This also makes him the third lead Disney protagonist in general to be LGBTQ+, after Luz Noceda and Loki Laufeyson.
    • It is implied that his parents are already aware of his sexuality as when Anthony asks why he cannot stay at a girl's house, Rex tells him, "You're not Nate... Nate's different."
  • In the book, Nate is described as being "pudgy" while in the movie, he is very thin. Additionally, he is from Jankburg rather than Pittsburgh and the book depicts him coming to terms with his sexuality while in the film, it is implied that he has already accepted who he is.
  • In the book, Nate auditions for E.T. the Extraterrestrial: The Musical. This was changed to Lilo & Stitch for obvious reasons.
  • Nate Foster is actor Rueby Wood's first theatrical acting role.