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Neck 'n' Neck is an animated short starring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit released on January 23, 1928.

The short was long thought to have been lost, until 2018, when it was discovered that anime historian Yasushi Watanabe had purchased an abridged two-minute version of the short, dubbed Mickey Manga Spide (loosely translated as "Mickey Cartoon Speedy"), 70 years prior—not knowing its significance. Upon reading Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: The Search for the Lost Disney Cartoons, Watanabe contacted the Asashi Shimbun newspaper, which contacted the Walt Disney Archives to confirm the short's existence.[2]

The copy is currently being kept at the Kobe Planet Film Archive in Japan. In addition to Watanabe's copy, another 50-second clip from the film was also uncovered in the Kyoto Toy Film Museum archives.


Oswald takes Ortensia ("Sadie") out for a ride in his jalopy and soon finds himself in a race with a chasing police car.