"Neverland" is a deleted song from the film, Peter Pan.


There never, never was another land,
Like the Neverland,
To find this place, of your
Childhood dreams,

You... Go...

Up toward Mars,
Then two turns right,
Through the stars
'til you're out of sight,

Past the clouds,
Right through a dream
Where the milky way turns
Into a street of cream

Fly sky high
Around the Moon
Through fleecy Clouds,
You'll be there soon

On 'till morning,
Sail down the mist,
At the bottom of the Rainbow,
You will insist,

There never, never was another land,
Like the Neverland.

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Paige O'Hara singing this song in the music video

There is also another version that was sung by Paige O'Hara (also the voice of Belle in Beauty and the Beast) that was included on the Peter Pan two disc platinum DVD set. They are as follows:

There never was another land like Never Neverland.

So to find this place

Where childhood gleams

You must close your eyes

And dream deep dreams.

You go up toward Mars and two turns right;

Through the stars 'til you're out of sight.

Past the clouds through a mooonlit dream

Where the Milkyway turns into a starlit stream

Then fly sky high around the moon;

Through the clouds

And you'll be there soon

Then in mist of the moorning light,

Where the rainbow ends,

Where the world is bright

You'll say there never was another land like Never Neverland

Then fly sky high around the moon;

Through the clouds

And you'll be there soon

Then in the mist of the morning light,

Where the rainbow ends,

Where the world is bright.

You'll say there never was another land like Never Neverland

Never Neverland.


  • Mary Martin sings this song in 1960.


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