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New Mushroomton is the fantasy city in the 2020 DisneyPixar animated feature film, Onward. It is home to many fantasy magical creatures including elves, trolls, centaurs, satyrs, dragons, unicorns, mermaids, fairies, goblins, gnomes, and cyclopes.


New Mushroomton was once home to a land of mythical creatures where magic still existed. Throughout time, magic slowly became scarce across the world with modern conveniences. In the world where modern society arrives, mythical creatures live in areas with modern conveniences, such as buildings, schools, parks, electronics, etc. Ever since modern technology rose across New Mushroomton, magic was slowly dying across it. New Mushroomton borders Path of Peril and Knolling Hills according to the map.

When Ian and Barley brought magic back to the land of mythical creatures, New Mushroomton started changing with magic back in the mythical world.


  • Lightfoot House - The house where the Lightfoot family lives. Like all the households, the house has red mushroom tops for roofs.
  • Burger Shire - A fast food restaurant. It is where Ian met Wilden Lightfoot's classmate Gaxton who went to Willowdale College with him before he died.
  • New Mushroomton High School - The high school Ian goes to. Next to it is a nearby park where an ancient fountain lives.
  • New Mushroomton Park - A location where a historic fountain containing the Phoenix Gem is at, about to be torn down by construction to which Barley Lightfoot attempts to stop it from being torn down, much to the construction workers' chagrin.
  • Various other locations - Numerous areas in New Mushroomton are used to make it fit the fantasy world in a modern society format. These areas include restaurants, retail stores, schools, etc.

Role in the film

New Mushroomton is introduced as the film's primary setting where the elf brothers Ian and Barley are introduced. When Ian starts a new life, he writes a checklist of what to do ever since his father passed away after a good conversation with Gaxton. Ian's life at school was not successful since he couldn't concentrate in driving properly and his conversation with his fellow colleagues was interrupted with Barley taking him back home. When Laurel gives Ian a birthday present, Ian practices uses a Visitation Spell to revive his late father. However, due to Barley's interruption, the two gaze upon their father's half-completed form. The two plan to go to the Manticore's Tavern via Quests of Yore to begin their adventure just as the brothers leave New Mushroomton to get there via van Guinevere, followed by Laurel catching up.

Ian and Barley manage to survive a dangerous gauntlet at Raven's Point in an attempt to find the Phoenix Gem only to find out that they are at New Mushroomton again. The elf brothers argue that they went on a quest and found nothing just as Ian spends his last moments with his father while Barley uses one of the flower-shaped pieces from one the raven statues to insert it on the fountain he tried to stop from being torn down by a construction site. Finally finding the Phoenix Gem, a dangerous curse is unleashed to summon an artificial dragon that prepares to go after the thief who stole the gem. During battle, Laurel and Corey manage to fight against the Curse Dragon in an attempt for Ian to finish reviving his father. Fortunately, Ian manages to destroy the dragon sculpture, breaking the curse once and for all with Wilden Lightfoot being restored completely just before he passes away again.

With magic brought back to the land of mythical creatures, everything in New Mushroomton started changing thanks to Ian and Barley's plan to bring magic back.


  • During the scene where Ian and Barley are leaving New Mushroomton, a Pizza Planet Truck can be seen during the part where the brothers leave the border to get to the Manticore's Tavern.
  • One of the restaurants featured in city is called "Pizza Realm", the medieval equivalent to "Pizza Planet". This name change is to match the film's suburban fantasy theme.

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