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New Mushroomton High School is a building located in the 2020 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Onward. It is the high school where Ian goes to.


New Mushroomton High School is the place Ian attends. The school's mascot is an anthropomorphic cartoony dragon, along with its slogan "Go Dragons!".

Role in the film

After Ian's conversation with Gaxton was successful, he sets out to go to school. Arriving at class, Ian tells his classmate Gorgamon, a troll, to not put his feet on his chair to which he denies that the reason why he is doing it is to keep him concentrated properly. Ian decides to become courteous of him. However, after leaving class ends, Ian rides a taxi teaching students how to drive while Ian's driving instructor, a gremlin, to which he has trouble concentrating on the freeway. Back at school, Ian sheepishly tells his classmates to join him for his party at his house to which his conversation with his colleagues was not successful due to Barley interrupting while Ian bids his colleagues a farewell just as Barley takes Ian home.

Ian and Barley later end up at New Mushroomton again in the high school area in an attempt to find the Phoenix Gem where Ian is frustrated with Barley that they couldn't find one. Barley manages to find the Phoenix Gem at the fountain he tried to protect from a construction site by using a flower-shaped piece from one of the raven statues at Raven's Point. Obtaining the gem, a curse is unleashed across New Mushroomton, causing the debris from New Mushroomton High School to form a massive artificial dragon. Ian, Barley, Laurel, and Corey were able to defeat the dragon and break the curse once and for all. Later when magic is brought to the land of mythical creatures, Ian tells his class about what he did to repair the school after it was destroyed by the curse to which Ian's colleagues are excited about the lesson he taught them.

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