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"New Wartwood" is the first segment of the thirty-fifth episode of Amphibia. It aired on March 27, 2021.


Intent on winning over Wartwood, Marcy makes a plan to improve the town.


Marcy is excited to be living among the people of Wartwood and get firsthand experience being among farming natives. However the townsfolk, in their usual manner, do not take kindly to Marcy's appearance, leaving her feeling dejected. Anne comes to comfort her and tries to explain that it takes time for people to accept outsiders in Wartwood. Marcy believes that she needs "strategy" to get the people to accept her, but in her epiphany ends up knocking over the statue of the town's founder. The townsfolk are angry, but Marcy uses her science skills to fix and clean the statue, much to everyone's astonishment. After getting a "spit of approval", Marcy decides to use her ways to improve the town, having done so with Newtopia.

Anne shows Marcy all the problems with the town such as potholes, out of date street lamps and broken fences. Despite all of this, the townsfolk still do not like Marcy all that much. When she wishes to do something bigger, Mayor Toadstool approaches her with numerous plans that he has to make the town look better. Anne prevents Marcy from taking any of them as she knows that Toadstool's plans tend to go awry. However in the middle of the night, Marcy, too excited to sleep, decides to take up Toadstool's plans to expand the town's appearance. The town looks brighter and cleaner, though a lot of it is just coatings over the preexisting buildings as the Wartwood enjoys its appearance.

Suddenly, the ground begins to give way as Wartwood was built over a swamp and the weight of the additions is causing it to sink. Anne once again tells Marcy that she should have been patient with the people and she calls upon Joe Sparrow to take all the unnecessary buildings and toss them away. The town rises and the citizens criticize Marcy for her careless actions. However, they add that she acted impulsively just like Anne did when she first arrived and tell her that one day they will approve of her, much to her delight. Marcy then proceeds to rapidly rebuild all the buildings in a matter of moments. The episode ends on a non-sequitur with a Toadstool costume blowing up into insects, scaring the townsfolk, only for Joe Sparrow to eat them.


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  • Hop Pop only makes a brief cameo while this is the first episode where Sprig appears but does not speak.
  • Marcy now lives in the fwagon just outside of the Plantars home.
  • Wartwood is revealed to be built directly on top of the swamp with the buildings specified so that it does not sink.
  • Marcy rebuilding the town is a similar fashion to Fix-It Felix Jr. from Wreck-It Ralph.
  • One-Eyed Wally is noticeably more grounded beginning with this episode, probably due to him coming to accept his real self.
  • A pig-like sowbug resembling Herbert from Big City Greens makes a pair cameo when Marcy uses him to fix the statue and when it was about to be eaten by the green mantis from "Anne or Beast?" before the Toadstool clock's head flattened it.
  • Anne is seen wearing a hoodie in this episode.
  • Marcy's redesign of Wartwood is inspired by the Main Street, U.S.A. area at Disneyland.
  • At the end of the episode, Anne mentions how she set the town on fire, as seen in "Anne of the Year".
  • Mayor Toadstool attempts to take responsibility for the first time. It is also revealed that he might be afraid of his own people's wrath.
  • Near the end of the episode, it is revealed that the Mayor Toadstool costume was being worn by bugs, possibly referencing Oogie Boogie.

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