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Nicky Anais Little is a supporting character of the animated series Pepper Ann. She is the timid intellectual best friend of Pepper Ann Pearson and Milo Kamalani and attends Hazelnut Middle School with them.


Nicky Little is a shy girl who lives with her parents and strives to be the best intellectually. She acts as Pepper Ann's voice of reason and tries to get through to her whenever she has an outlandish plan. A running gag is that she will try to instill the lesson into Pepper Ann, only for her to turn around and try to teach it to Nikki. She cares very much for her friend and tries to make sure she does not hurt herself.

Nicky's primary goal throughout the series has been to achieve the highest marks in school and try to be as perfect as possible. This would, ironically, lead her to doing unnatural, immature and somewhat immoral things to get what she wants and not accept responsibility for her actions. Besides her parents putting pressure on her, she also tries to top her sister Becky for attention and admiration. It is later revealed that she feels the same about her and bond over their shared fear of swans, implied to be due to a traumitizing childhood toy.

She has a reccuring relationship with Stewart Walldinger, a relatively kind-hearted, but geeky boy. Their interactions are portrayed as being mutually pleasant, but are sometimes hindered by outside forces; usually coming from Pepper Ann. They will get into arguments that result in them "nearly" breaking up, but getting brought back together again. While Nicky has shown interest in other boys, and even acknowledged Craig Bean as handsome, she always came back to Stewart who shared her grounded interests.

In "The Finale", it is established that in the series' version of 2013, Nicky grows up to become a successful reporter and is supposedly in a relationship with someone named Kevin. Despite having dated Stewart, she fails to remember him and is put off by his insistence of having been in her life at one point.


Nicky is considered a perfectionist and usually keeps to the straight and narrow. Even though she is shy and acts timid, she will snap and usually be more confrontational and upfront about her opinions, mainly when she’s had enough of Pepper Ann's tomfoolery (albeit in a very hammy, over-the-top way). She is much more adapt at handling situations than her friends and clearly has a more mature outlook on life. It is implied at various points that she is trying to change Pepper Ann and Milo for the better and mold them into her idea of perfect human beings, but this has a tendency to backfire on her. Nicky hates to be viewed as a nice girl and at one point tried to act bad, though ironically she was really bad at that. However, Nicky's true flaw is that she tends to not take responsibility for her actions. Whenever she loses, gets hurt or makes mistakes, she always comes up with lame excuses and looks for a scapegoat to make herself out to be the victim. Nevertheless, Nicky maintains a very positive disposition and is more likely to solve problems then cause them.

Physical appearance

Nicky is a tall slender Caucasian girl with long blonde hair. One of her bangs is always covering one of her eyes and her ears stick out like horns. She wears a long sleeved whiteish-blue sweater and red skirt while an extra dark blue sweater is tied around her waist. She wears brown dress shoes and white socks.


  • Nicky's hairstyle seem to cover one side of her eyes whenever she turns her head.
  • She, along with her sister Becky, has a fear of swans.
  • In "Dances with Ignorance", Nicky states that her family's roots trace to British origin.
  • In "Guess Who's Coming to the Theater", Nicky stated that she has not eaten meat for 6 years meaning that she ate meat at the age of 6 and under.
  • It is implied that Nicky may have Bipolar Disorder, due to her constant mood swings and sensitivity to certain things.
  • She is super strong, despite having noodle-like arms.
  • In Season One, Nicky didn’t get much screen time or focus and was more of a filler character than a main character.


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