Nicole Harris is Willoughby Whitfield's love interest and, later, wife in Herbie Rides Again.

Role in the film

Tough-as-nails Nicole works as a flight attendant. She used to live in a small apartment opposite of Mrs. Steinmetz's firehouse until Alonzo Hawk came to tear it down. When she found out his plan, she decided to move in and protect her.

Nicole is known by Mrs. Steinmetz to be a brave young lady who once knocked out a hijacker with a bottle of California wine. She also knows how to throw a punch when she first meets Willoughby.

At first, Nicole does not like Willoughby because he not only works for Alonzo, but is also his nephew. On their first meeting, she hits him twice in the face with her fist and with a boiled lobster during their first lunch together. As the film goes on, she grows to like him when he volunteers to help fight against Alonzo. Soon, she develops a romantic relationship with Willoughby, and after Alonzo is arrested, they get married.

Nicole is last seen with Willoughby driving away in Herbie like Jim and Carole in the first film.


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