Nigel Greenwater is a character from the Jungle Cruise.


Nigel Greenwater was a British employee of the Jungle Navigation Company during the early 20th century. Through his service at the company, he invested in radio-equipment which in 1928 allowed him to start the Global Broadcasting Service and Greenwater Production Company. He utilized this radio service to communicate with Jungle Navigation Company employees and skippers from across the planet due to the company's international operations. This service continued into the 1930s where it found patrons not only in the JNC but also the DBC or Disney Broadcasting Company.



Skipper Survival Guide

Nigel is alluded to in this outdated backstory for Disneyland's Jungle Cruise. In it, he is alluded to as having been one of the first JNC employees to establish themselves in their Lost Delta base and to have invested in a short-wave radio.

Disney Parks

Adventure Trading Company

During this event, Nigel was referenced in the Daily Gnus newspaper. Within the newspaper was an advertisement which read, "The Global Broadcasting Service, Broadcasting Globally around the Globe since 1928, Greenwater Production Co.".

Jungle Cruise

Nigel Greenwater is the host of the radio-programming played throughout the queue of Disneyland's version of the Jungle Cruise.

The Jingle Cruise

During this seasonal overlay at the Magic Kingdom, Nigel Greenwater provides the Holiday-themed narration. Typically the Magic Kingdom's Jungle Cruise uses the separate character of Albert Awol for the same purpose.

Skipper Canteen

There is a book written by Greenwater in the library of the Skipper Canteen which is titled, "Survival in the Entertainment Jungle". His voice can occasionally be heard in the mess hall of the canteen. Also in this canteen is a display case with a "Announcer of the Year" award in Greenwater's name from 1936.


  • Greenwater references the Adventureland properties in his Disneyland narration.
    • He mentions Indiana Jones and Marcus Brody encountering strange phenomena during their excavation on the Temple of Mara.
    • He alludes to Tropical Imports serving the JNC and being run by Trader Sam.

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