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"Night Drivers" is the first segment of the thirty-second episode of Amphibia. It aired on March 6, 2021.


Ignoring Anne’s and Hop Pop’s warnings about the dangers of night driving, Sprig and Polly stay up all night to drive the family home.


Sprig and Polly are excited to be returning to Wartwood. They deduce that if they ride continuously through the night, they'll be able to reach home by sunrise. However, Anne and Hop Pop are severely tired and need to sleep. Despite Sprig and Polly's plea to drive Bessie so that they can return home on time, Hop Pop refuses as they haven't read Bessie's manual and therefore are incapable of driving her, which Anne concurs to. They both go to sleep where Hop Pop dreams of confronting his fears (personified as monsters) only to enjoy his time and flies away while Anne dreams of being in a candy land-esque environment that only serves black licorice flavored yogurt, much to her horror. Sprig and Polly take advantage of this and decide to drive the fwagon.

Sprig and Polly's adventure has them driving through falling rocks and monster infested forests. While out driving, they encounter a tall bearded man with a hook hand and a lantern. They attempt to pick him up, but get frightened by his appearance and quickly drive away. They pass through a foggy fjord where they once again encounter the hook handed man at a fork in the road. He points to the left, but out of fear, they decide to turn to the right instead, which sends them falling down a hill and passing by numerous creatures that nearly catch them. As they believe to have prevailed, they're horrified to discover the hook handed man standing atop the fwagon.

The hook handed man attempts to wrangle control away from the children and believe they're being attacked. However, the man simply stops the fwagon just as the sun rises and disappears. Sprig and Polly discover that they're just outside of Wartwood and see a statue of the man who turns out to be Zechariah Nettles, who was known for leading travelers home. They realize that it was the spirit of Nettles who was trying to help them, not hurt them, and that he was trying to lead them through a calmer passage back to Wartwood. Hop Pop and Anne wake up and are first angered at Sprig and Polly disobeying them, but quickly see that they're tired and decide to drive the last three miles back into town.

Some short distance away, the robot from the factory continues to march slowly towards Wartwood.



  • This episode, as well as "Return to Wartwood", chronologically take place after the events in "A Day at the Aquarium" and before "The Shut-In!".
  • This episode, along with its sister episode, aired on February 16, 2021 in Greece, the Middle East, and North Africa. It was leaked online shortly afterwards but quickly deleted.
  • Polly claims that she's been eaten eight times prior to the episode.
  • Sprig and Polly drive Bessie for the first time.
  • Hop Pop has a photo of Sylvia Sundew above the bed in the fwagon.
  • The creatures in Hop Pop's dream resemble creatures from Salvador Dali's paintings.
  • Frobo makes another appearance since "Lost in Newtopia"
  • This is the first episode to air in 2021.


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