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The World's Most Unusual and Dangerous Creatures
―Nightmare Island's tagline

Nightmare Island was a location in the live-action remake of Dumbo. It was an indoor attraction which houses one of the world's deadliest creatures prior to Dreamland being destroyed due to V.A. Vandevere's aggressive actions.


Nightmare Island was an attraction containing various unusual and dangerous creatures. Its entrance was through a giant skull's head attached on a volcano and an ocean-themed background surrounds the entrance.

When Dumbo calls for Mrs. Jumbo's help, he flies towards Nightmare Island to see his mother, leading Holt Farrier and his children Joe and Milly to come to the rescue. Later when it is figured out that Mrs. Jumbo would be gone forever, Holt, his children, and the circus performers plan on rescuing her before Dumbo loses his mother.

Animals (all formerly)

  • Werewolf of Central Park: A wolf housed in a New York-themed enclosure. Inside the Werewolf's enclosure is a lamppost and a full moon with a night theme.
  • Reptilla: A spiny crocodilian-like creature housed in a swamp-themed enclosure. It is nicknamed "Devil of the World". Inside its enclosure is a cabin and a rock that Reptilla rests on.
  • Bear: A ferocious grizzly bear with a forest-themed enclosure. Its actual name is unknown due to no signage seen outside its enclosure.
  • Lion: A ferocious lion with a jungle-themed enclosure. It only appears in a scene in the official trailer not in the final version of the film.
  • Kali the Destroyer: An elephant no other than Mrs. Jumbo. Despite being billed as a dangerous elephant, she is actually worried about her son Dumbo and cares about him. She is eventually rescued by Holt Farrier, his children, and the rest of the circus performers.

Role in the film

Nightmare Island is described as an attraction housing the world's deadliest and unusual creatures. During an act between Colette Marchant and Dumbo at the circus, Dumbo almost falls off the platform and calls for his mother who is ar Nightmare Island. Inside it is the Werewolf of Central Park which howls in its enclosure and the crocodilian creature Reptilla, which snaps its jaws, followed by Mrs. Jumbo who is exhibited at the attraction as Kali the Destroyer. Meanwhile at the Colosseum. Dumbo flies across the ring, impressing the audience to which Dumbo suddenly leaves the arena, causing disappointment to the audience and Vandevere who is upset that Dumbo escaped. Dumbo flies across Dreamland to reach Nightmare Island to reunite with his mother. As Dumbo arrives at the attraction, he passes by a roaring bear followed by Reptilla and the Werewolf of Central Park which all snarl at Dumbo. Dumbo sees Mrs. Jumbo in her enclosure where she is exhibited as Kali the Destroyer to which Mrs. Jumbo cannot move due to the chains placed on her. Suddenly, V.A. Vandevere and two guards arrive to take Dumbo back to avoid distractions as an announcer tells the visitors that the attraction is now closed to which Milly tells her father Holt that this elephant is no other than Mrs. Jumbo.

Fearing that Mrs. Jumbo would be gone without a guarantee of survival, Holt devises a plan with his children and the circus performers to rescue Mrs. Jumbo from Nightmare Island. As the truck arrives at Nightmare Island, Miss Atlantis tricks a pair of guards as the performers barge in using their circus act abilities to help rescue Mrs. Jumbo. Rongo the Strongo lifts the bars for the contortionist to pass to which he pulls a lever for the performers barge in. Ivan the Wonderful uses a cane to activate a switch triggering a fog effect to distract the Werewolf of Central Park as the Werewolf becomes distracted upon seeing the fog. Ivan later uses it to pull a lever to turn off the main lights, much to the guards' shock as performers devise a plan to stop the guards from reactivating the lights as Reptilla reacts to the lights turned off. As the guards and Neils Skellig search around the attraction, Pramesh Singh summons a cobra to scare off a guard. They later notice the silhouettes of Reptilla, the Werewolf of Central Park, and the bear approaching them as the performers continue planning to rescue Mrs. Jumbo as it is revealed that it was Puck who tricked the guards with some of the performers disguised as the bear, Reptilla, and the Werewolf of Central Park, much to the guards being tricked by the performers as the truck leaves off with Mrs. Jumbo.

Due to the fact that Dreamland was destroyed due to Vandevere's abusive actions at the control center, Nightmare Island is destroyed along with the other attractions.


  • Although the first creature seen at Nightmare Island is housed as Werewolf of Central Park, it barely resembles a werewolf but rather an actual gray wolf, despite its name
  • Reptilla's name is a combination of the words "reptile" and "Godzilla" (a kaiju featured in many movies).
  • When Mrs. Jumbo was housed as "Kali the Destroyer", the name is a reference to a Hindu god of the same name.

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