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Nightwing is a grey toon stork, Sunshine's competitive rival, an infant deliverer of the Nightwing Infant Placement Company (NIPC), and the main antagonist in the comic story, "Stork Raving Mad!" from the thirteenth issue of the Roger Rabbit comic book series.



Nightwing is a sneaky and greedy toon, having no scruples against manipulating others just to get ahead of the competition, even though he is fraudulent in nature. Despite being a toon stork, Nightwing is considerably cruel for one, showing little regard for the infants he is supposed to care for, and even threatening towards other toons.

Physical Appearance

He is a slender, anthropomorphic cool-gray feathered toon stork who has green eyes that look exactly like Sunshine, and wears a blue vest with a bow-tie, blue shorts and a blue hat in his head.

Role in the story

When Nightwing rang the doorbell to Roger's house, he appeared as an offer and said to him that he would return Sunshine's mistake and let him keep the human baby. Before he tried to get the baby to Roger, he then threateningly grabbed his paint gun filled with cool-gray paint, pointing to Roger's head, mistakenly shooting paint at his house. Also, he threw the baby and Roger caught him in his hands.

After Nightwing kicked Rick Flint in the face, he then kidnapped Jessica Rabbit as his "premium hostage" and snuck in the Nocturnal Air Freight's company window to Mr. Doppt's office for one more "snatch-and-switch" plan that he would make Sunshine's look like the county orphanage. So, he opened the door in fake panic and said to Mr. Doppt with Blinky and the Mole that they got billing troubles and Sunshine's company was onto them until they hired A.P.I. to get the goods. Then, he saw the trio with Jessica tied and gagged in a chair.

During the chase, he, Mr. Doppt and the duo got in a plane to make a six-month getaway vacation to Rio de Janeiro and the baby toon rhino, Ryan O. Rhino rammed and crashed them into the ground. After the plane crashed, Roger and Jessica saved the plane's pilot with Sunshine and also, after they're caught by Rick Flint and the police, he, Mr. Doppt and the two weasels were arrested and gets sent to jail.


  • Nightwing is one of the two storks that was inspired by Mr. Stork from Dumbo.

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