Nina Needs to Go! is a Disney Junior short series.


In each episode, Nina has to use the bathroom at the most inappropriate times and has her parents (or sometimes her brother Frank) try to take her there. When they can't help Nina, Nana, her super-agent/ninja like grandmother, takes Nina to the bathroom in amazing, unusual or totally bizarre ways.


  1. Train
  2. Snow
  3. Mall
  4. Play
  5. Water Park
  6. Beach
  7. DIY
  8. Zoo
  9. Camping
  10. Tower
  11. County Fair
  12. Parade
  13. Wedding
  14. Traffic
  15. Library
  16. To Sleep
  17. To a Fancy Restaurant
  18. To Preschool
  19. To the Museum


  • Nina - The Main Character
  • Frank - Nina's Older Brother
  • Kate - Nina & Frank's Mother
  • Nat - Nina & Frank's Father
  • Nana Sheila - Nina & Frank's Grandmother & Gladys's Sister
  • Auntie Gladys - Nina & Frank's Great Aunt & Sheila's Sister
  • Uncle Walter - Auntie Gladys's newlywed husband and Nina & Frank's Great Uncle.


  • This short was made by ArthurCox Studios for Disney's London branch, which also produced Henry Hugglemonster and the English dub of Violetta.
  • This short is perhaps Disney Junior's most controversial program. Many parents and grandparents claim that the program made their kids (including the ones who are already potty trained) wait until the last minute to go and have accidents, and say that Nina never learns her lesson after each episode, despite her clearly saying at the end of each episode, "That will never happen again, because now I know: Don't wait to go".
    • Because of the controversy, the third season of the show (the ones with "To the..." in their titles) deals with manners rather than using the bathroom, save for "Museum", a leftover from the second season
  • This program was sponsored by Huggies Pull-Ups, whom features the show on their Big Kid Academy website.
  • The show has been dubbed into Italian, Korean, Polish and Japanese:
    • The Italian dub is known as "Mi scappa la pipi", the title being a play on a famous Italian song about a child who always has to pee when visiting places with his parents and wets himself each time he says the title of the song. This dub renames Nana to Nonna, but the other characters kept their names. It also shortens some of the episodes for unexplained reasons.
    • In December 2014, it premiered in Korea as "니나는 급해요!" (Ninaneun geubhaeyo!), which translates to "Nina Tinkles!", where all fifteen episodes were shown, resulting in the season 2 episodes airing months before their American premiere.
    • The Japanese version, ニーナがまんできない! (Nina ga mantenai!), meaning "Nina can't hold it!", premiered in 2017. Besides airing on the Disney Junior channel, it is also one of two currently rotating shorts on TV Tokyo's "Disney Sunday" block, switching places with "Inside The Journal" and "Muppet Babies Show and Tell" every few weeks.

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