Nizam is the main antagonist of the 2010 film Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. He is the king's brother, and an evil nobleman who seeks to take control of the Sands of Time. He is portrayed by Ben Kingsley.


The younger brother of the king, he saved his brother while hunting for an antelope in the Arabic desert after the latter's carelessness nearly got himself killed by a lion. This eventually caused him to resent it, due to it denying himself the chance to become king. As the king already had two sons that he conceived, plus a beggar child he had adopted and raised as his own, he couldn't hope to take the throne directly. At some point, he learned of the existence of the Dagger of Time and the Sandglass, which allowed for time travel, and thus presented him with the opportunity to fix this "mistake." As such, he then orchestrated an invasion by giving misleading information that indicated that the kingdom in question had been secretly making illegal weapons. After the success of the mission, he then created a poisoned cloak for his brother, while having his adopted nephew unknowingly deliver his doom to him, framing him in the process. His nephew had earlier discovered the dagger of time, although he at the time was unaware of its existence. Nizam, while creating the cloak, also burned his hands in the process of creating it, which his nephew, when trying to supply the dagger to prove his innocence, found and thus deduced his role in his father's death. Nizam was ultimately successful in getting the dagger in, although his nephew stopped him, also sending them back in time to during the invasion. Nizam was then exposed by his nephew (who retained his memories of the previous timeline) and they got into a fierce duel, with Nizam then being killed by one of the older nephews when Nizam tried to stab him in the back.


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