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"No Service" is the series premiere of Mickey Mouse as well as the first episode of Season 1. It aired on June 28, 2013.


Mickey and Donald run into trouble when they don't meet the clothing requirements of Goofy's diner.


At the beach, Mickey whistles and Donald vocalizes the song "Island Breeze". Mickey sees a beachside snack shack and attempts to get some lunch with Donald so they can surprise the girls with a picnic, but due to the "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" policy, they are promptly rejected by Goofy, who splats a bug using a spatula.

As Mickey and Donald go outside, they decide to make one outfit and one of them will go in and get carryout for everyone. Donald decides that they will draw straws, but Mickey picks a small feather and Donald picks a large feather. Donald strips Mickey of his clothes and goes inside. He asks Goofy for "a malted, some onion rings, a big curly fries, and..." Mickey suddenly spots Minnie with her ukulele and Daisy with her parasol, walking up the pier.

Not wanting to be seen in his current state, Mickey tries various unsuccessful attempts to hide. Donald laughs but Mickey fights back by mocking Donald with a duck floatie worn backwards and flippers and imitating his voice. Donald tries to pay for the food but Goofy realizes that he's been tricked because Donald used Mickey's credit card instead of his own, and angrily kicks him out of his snack shack. Mickey does some quick acrobatic moves and gets back his and Donald's clothes and the picnic, thanks to Goofy.

Mickey asks the girls if they want to have a picnic, to which they happily oblige. Daisy tells Donald that he's naked in public, and she, Minnie, and Mickey leave Donald to be harassed by the other beach-goers. Goofy watches this incident from outside his snack shack and comments (while scratching his belly button), "Boy, some people ain't got no class."



  • This episode was posted on Disney.com before airing on the Disney Channel.
  • This was the first episode to air on the Disney Channel.
  • Ironically, despite Goofy claiming to run a "classy establishment" snack shack with a "no shirt, no shoes, no service" policy, he himself acts sloppily in this episode, swatting a bug with a spatula and using said spatula to cook the food, and later scratching his belly button at the end.
    • Daisy's embarrassment of Donald being nude is somewhat ironic too, given that Donald only wears his shirt but actually never wears pants, nor does Daisy herself.
  • In real life, there are beachside snack shacks which have a similar "no shirt, no shoes, no service" policy as Goofy's beachside snack shack in this episode.
  • According to IDW Publishing's blurbs for Mickey Mouse Shorts #4, this short takes place on Mouseton Pier, apparently indicating that the pier is named after Mickey's hometown from the comics.
  • Mickey's DMV ID number is MMC0581WED, which has many references from past Mickey Mouse series.
    • MMC is a reference to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. "05" references May 5, 2006, the day the first episode of that series was released.
    • If you turn the number 81 to 18 (by reversing the positions), it references November 18, 1928, the day Steamboat Willie (Mickey's famous first cartoon) was released.
    • WED is an obvious nod to Walter Elias Disney.
  • It's very strange how Goofy would not serve Mickey and Donald, his own best friends. Perhaps this episode takes place before they became friends, or maybe Goofy was so dedicated to his policy that he did not serve his friends.


  • When Mickey and Donald are shown, they appear with clothes all over them. When the camera zooms out, they are shown back in their original position before fighting to wear the appropriate clothes.

In Other Languages

Language Title Translation
Japanese 入店お断り No Entry
Korean 예의를 갖춰! Be polite!
French Pique-nique à la plage Picnic at the beach
German Kleider machen Leute Clothes make the man
Italian Niente servizio No Service
Latin Spanish No Hay Servicio There is no service
European Spanish Sin servicio No service
Brazilian Portuguese Sem Comida No Food
European Portuguese Não Servimos We do not serve
Polish Wstęp wzbroniony No Trespassing



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