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"No Service" is the first segment of the sixty-fourth episode of Big City Greens.


Cricket is halted at a convenience store due to their "No Shoes, No Service" policy.


The Greens go out for the day to the Snak n Slerp to get a free slushie. As Bill has trouble finding a parking spot, he agrees, whether he suggested it or not, to drop Cricket and Tilly off while he and Gramma Alice go look for somewhere to park. Cricket and Tilly rush inside to get their free slushie, only for the store clerk, Clark, to stop Cricket. The store has a "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service" policy and he refuses to break it. While Cricket ask that Tilly come with him, she refuses as she is wearing shoes and thus is allowed to get one. She offers to share it, but Clark informs them that that is not optional either as she will forfeit the free slushie and for sanitary reasons.

Cricket, refusing to give up his principles, tries to look for a loophole and tries different tactics, all of which comically fail. When a man named Dirk seemingly cannot get one either as he is both shirtless and shoeless, Cricket rallies all shirtless and shoeless people to fight for their rights. However, with the sun rising high, it becomes impossible and everyone, sans Cricket, just simply buys shoes and puts on shirts so that they can get a slushie. Meanwhile, Bill and Alice drive around town to look for spots, only to miss them or run into conflict. Alice begs Bill to park in a garage, but with every passing, the price gets higher, which Bill views as highway robbery.

Eventually, Cricket asks Tilly to borrow her shoes and he goes inside to get a slushie, only to reflect on his decision. Bill in the meantime, finally decides to pay for the parking at Alice's urging. However, Cricket instead tosses the slushie away (the last of it) and kicks Tilly's shoes off so as to retain his principles. Clark admits that he now has respect for him for his decision, but permanently bans him from the store for making a mess. Bill and Alice finally park the car in the garage, only for Cricket and Tilly to immediately return to an incensed Bill when he learns that Cricket did not even get a slushie. Another man asks if they are giving up their parking spot.



  • "I Must Say No"


  • This episode has the same name of the first episode of the 2013 Mickey Mouse shorts.
    • The episode's plot hints about real life, where some places require you to have certain clothing on at all cost or get denied to go inside building/store/diner.
    • No Shirt, No Shoes and No Service.
  • Morals:
    • Everyone has their own rules to their life.
    • If you don't like a company's rules, then don't go there.
    • Don't change who you are just to get a slushy.
    • If you can't find any free parking, it's okay to pay for a parking space.
  • Cricket had previously stated that the reason why he does not wear shoes is because, he simply does not want them to get dirty.
  • Sip 'n Snak is a parody of the real-life convenience store, 7-Eleven.
    • The Splishie is a parody of the Slurpee.

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