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Noah is a Biblical patriarch and builder of the ark from the story of Noah's Ark. He appeared in three of Disney's animated adaptations of the story, 1933's Father Noah's Ark, 1959's Noah's Ark and Pomp and Circumstance Noah's Ark segment in Fantasia 2000. He was voiced by Paul Frees in the 1959 version.


Father Noah's Ark

Noah and his family are introduced at the beginning of the short, where he and his family work together to build the ark with help from other animals. Later, as the flood arrives, Noah, Ham, Shem, and Japheth call the animals to get on the ark immediately. As all the animals get on the ark, Noah, Ham, Shem, and Japheth notice two skunks trying to board the ark, but Noah and his family prepare to abandon the skunks before the flood rises (the skunks manage to get onboard, though). Later, Noah and his family begin praying for the flood to stop and after forty days and nights, the ark comes to a complete stop and it finally stops raining. Happy that the flood stopped, Noah, his family, and the animals celebrate, thanking a dove who helped Noah find land. Afterwards, all the animals leave the ark, and Noah and the whole family are happy that rain has finally stopped.

Noah's Ark

This incarnation of Noah is totally different from his counterpart in Father Noah's Ark in this stop-motion adaptation of the story.

As there is too much fighting occurring across Earth, a voice from the sky tells Noah to build an ark to take his family and the animals onto it before a great flood arrives to wash away the bad people. Noah is then given a large blueprint, calling in Ham, Shem, and Japheth to build the ark. Noah's sons then follow what their father says and upon finishing the plan to build the ark, the next task for Noah to do was to take two pairs of every kind of animal to the ark. He then tells his sons to do this task just as his sons find various types of animals the three bring to the ark such as moose, gorillas, elephants, tigers, ostriches, giraffes, flamingos, penguins, lions, and other types of animals. Noah then uses his checklist to make sure no animal is left behind. All of a sudden, lightning flashed in the sky, indicating that the time has come for Noah to take his family and the animals onto the ark before rain starts.

As the rain starts and caused a flood across the world, everyone in the ark is having a difficult time; Noah's wife tells her husband that the best way to calm the animals is to do music. Noah plans on decides to do this plan, his sons begin playing music to calm the cranky animals down. With the animals put in harmony, the fighting stops, thanks to the plan Noah devised. He then arrives and comforts a crying female hippo to mingle to which she refuses at first; afterwards, she decides to join in the fun and later starts a relationship with her mate Harry. However, it continued to rain for forty days and nights with no land in sight.

After forty days and nights, it finally stops raining and Noah sends a dove to search for land and what the dove found was an olive branch as he gives it to Noah, telling his family and all the animals as everyone celebrates that Noah and his family finally found land. Noah and his family bid a farewell to all the animals as they return back to their natural habitats.

Schoolhouse Rock!

In the episode "Elementary, My Dear" (which is part of Multiplication Rock), the multiplication of 2 is taught in multiplying two animals leaving the ark as Noah and one of his sons sees the animals coming out by the multiplication of 2. Later during the end of the episode, Noah asks his son how to multiply 2 by 98. When his son says that this problem is hard, Noah then gives him a solution of how to solve the problem as the two get back on the ark, raining forty days and nights again.

Fantasia 2000

In this film during the Pomp and Circumstance segment, Noah does not make a physical appearance until all the animals arrive towards the ark. Unlike in other Disney adaptations of Noah's Ark, this incarnation of Noah is seen without a face. Noah arrives to get Donald to help take care of his ark. Upon arriving to Donald, Noah warns Donald that that according to the scroll, a great flood will arrive for forty days and nights. Later during the end of the segment when all the animals leave the ark, Noah makes his last appearance where he pats Donald on the head for a job well done.


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