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Noah is a Biblical patriarch and builder of the ark from the story of Noah's Ark. He appeared in three of Disney's animated adaptations of the story, 1933's Father Noah's Ark, 1959's Noah's Ark and Pomp and Circumstance Noah's Ark segment in Fantasia 2000. He was voiced by Paul Frees in the 1959 version.


Father Noah's Ark

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Noah's Ark

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Schoolhouse Rock!

In the episode "Elementary, My Dear" (which is part of Multiplication Rock), the multiplication of 2 is taught in multiplying two animals leaving the ark as Noah and one of his sons sees the animals coming out by the multiplication of 2. Later during the end of the episode, Noah asks his son how to multiply 2 by 98. When his son says that this problem is hard, Noah then gives him a solution of how to solve the problem as the two get back on the ark, raining forty days and nights again.

Fantasia 2000

In this film during the Pomp and Circumstance segment, Noah does not make a physical appearance until all the animals arrive towards the ark. Unlike in other Disney adaptations of Noah's Ark, this incarnation of Noah is seen without a face. Noah arrives to get Donald to help take care of his ark. Upon arriving to Donald, Noah warns Donald that that according to the scroll, a great flood will arrive for forty days and nights. Later during the end of the segment when all the animals leave the ark, Noah makes his last appearance where he pats Donald on the head.


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