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Nora McDonald is the mother of the McDonald family and stepmother to the Venturi family after remarrying to George Venturi. Nora has 2 daughters Casey and Lizzie McDonald. She is portrayed by Joy Tanner.


Nora is a generous and kind member of the family and she is very protective over Casey and Lizzie she also takes care of Marti sometimes she is very close to her daughters. She also considered very sane. Among the rest of the families odd situations she is always normal and stands her ground.



She was not too recently divorced with Dennis. Why, though is currnetly unknown as they have a well relationship and unlike most divorced couples, don't argue. She has 2 children with him, Casey and Lizzie McDonald .

George Venturi

She was remarried to George and moved to his house along with her family of three. They are a happily married couple with not too much bickering. They have 1 child together Simon Venturi-McDonald. This is first learned in Season Four.

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