"Not so Ninja" is the second segment of the 3rd Season 4 episode of PJ Masks.


When the Ninjalinos lose their ninja powers, the PJ Masks teach them alternative skills.


  • The PJ Masks can finally understand the Ninjalinos' blabbering language.
  • This is the first time Night Ninja turns against his Ninjalinos by stealing their powers.
  • Gekko teaches for the second time.
  • The Ninjalinos do the Gangnam Style dance in their ninja lessons training.
  • Night Ninja narrates the episode title for the fourth time.
    • The first time he narrated a title of an episode was in "Flight of the Ninja", the second time was in "Werejalinos" and the third time was in "The Disappearing Ninjas".
  • Night Ninja is the second villain to break the fourth wall when he was lifted into the air by his Ninjalinos and said "Uh oh."
    • The first villain to break the fourth wall was Romeo, who was explaining how he used his evil genius mind to create his Biggie Chews in "Lionel-Saurus."


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