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I don't want to see innocent fairies to get hurt. I'm not the enemy here.

Nyx is the incredibly loyal and devoted leader of the scout fairies who appears as the main antagonist of the Disney Fairies film Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast, voiced by Rosario Dawson.


As a Scout Fairy, Nyx protects all of Pixie Hollow from any dangers or threats, also leads a team of her fellow scout fairies Fury, Chase, Di, and Shade who follow her commands without question.


While being the main antagonist in Legend of the NeverBeast, Nyx is not evil; however, she will do anything to keep fairies in Pixie Hollow safe as she puts their safety above all else, risking her own well-being and even life to protect them from various predators, which of course means she is a very brave and selfless person. Nyx first and foremost has a serious, strict presence and no-nonsense attitude, which shows she's a natural leader focused on her job as a protector of Pixie Hollow, which is why she can be a little mean and intense when it comes to Fawn's disobedience and her habit to bring dangerous animals into Pixie Hollow. Nyx never slacks off or lets her guards down, always wearing a serious expression on her face. She is best described as focused, brave, protective, and determined, which are the ultimate attributes of her strong will to protect her home, Pixie Hollow.

Nyx saw Gruff as nothing but a threat to her people, but after the latter saved her from a lightning strike, she felt immense guilt for haunting and misjudging him earlier as she was visibly distressed. Despite her tense relationship with Fawn, Nyx was saddened when Fawn "died" and elated to see her alive and well after Gruff revived her with electrical energy. When the fairies say goodbye to Gruff when he goes back into hibernation, Nyx expresses her enduring respect and gratitude of a grateful Scout to Gruff for saving her and the Pixie Hollow, showing her soft side to him.

Physical appearance

Nyx is a young, hand-sized, fair-skinned fairy with an athletic build. She long black hair, amber eyes, pointy ears, and clear wings on her back. She usually wears the standard uniform of the scout fairies, always carrying a porcupine quill spear as a weapon.


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