Oakey Oaks is a town located in an anthropomorphic version of the United States, similar to Nottingham. It serves as the main setting in the 2005 film, Chicken Little.

Place of Interest

  • Oakey Oaks Middle School
  • Cluck's Residence
  • Baseball Field

In the film

Oakey Oaks is a quiet suburban town. Anthropomorphic animals are the inhabitants of Oakey Oaks. The town offers many stores and services, including a china shop, an eye doctor, tailors, a barber shop, a book store, and a cheese store. In the rural outskirts of the town, there are several large corn fields and barns. Oakey Oaks Middle School is where many of the children get their education. The only baseball field in town hosts the middle school championship baseball game. A large bell tower and a statue of Mayor Turkey Lurkey seem like the town’s major landmarks. Overall, Oakey Oaks has a very safe and welcoming feel to it.

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