The Oakey Oaks Middle School is an educational school for anthropomorphic animal students of Oakey Oaks in the 2005 Disney animated feature film, Chicken Little.


The school was first shown when Chicken Little caused chaos when he proclaimed to the citizens that the sky was falling by ringing the bell. One year later, Chicken Little was unable to catch the bus and started being late, so he uses a bottle of soda to reach the school. Later during the climax of the film, Chicken Little rings the bell again when he tries to warn the citizens of Oakey Oaks about the alien invasion in which none of the citizens believe in him, even though he, Abby, Runt, and Fish discovered aliens invading Oakey Oaks. When the aliens send ground troops to rescue Kirby, Chicken Little and his father climb to the top of Oakey Oaks Middle School to reach the UFO to know where Kirby's parents are in order to reunite him. Later after the aliens misunderstood Chicken Little and his father about taking Kirby, the school was restored back to its normal state as the aliens leave for outer space.

Places of Interest

  • Mr. Woolensworth's Class: The class where students are taught by their teacher Mr. Woolensworth. The teacher Mr. Woolensworth educates his class and does not tolerate any of his students with inappropriate behavior. Also, one of his subjects is for students to translate each page into mutton (the sound of what a sheep makes).
  • Gym: The area where students exercise. In it, the coach does not tolerate students who make animal noises in order to behave properly during a game of dodgeball. Later when Chicken Little accidentally pulls the fire alarm causing water inside the gym, upsetting the coach, he is suddenly sent to Principal Fetchit's office for causing a lot of trouble at school.
  • Principal's Office: The office where Buck talked to Principal Fetchit about Chicken Little's inappropriate behavior at school.

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