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Odin is one of the Children of Oberon, known to be the owner of the Eye of Odin. Odin is based on the mythological Norse figure of the same name. Odin is voiced William Morgan Sheppard. He is an antagonist who made two appearances in two episodes of the Disney animated series Gargoyles.


"Eye of the Storm"

In his first appearance, Odin welcomed Goliath and his companions to Norway. Odin offered Goliath to give Elisa a fur coat in order to keep her warm by giving him the Eye of Odin. Angela and Elisa Maza, however, warned Goliath that it is too dangerous to give him the Eye of Odin, thus making Odin powerful.

Later on, Goliath puts the Eye of Odin in his pouch and Bronx figures out a one-eyed polar bear comes out of a thicket of snow. When getting into a brief fight with the bear, it takes the pouch from Goliath and steals it. Goliath goes after the polar bear, releasing the pouch from its jaws. Goliath knocked out the bear into the frozen pond. Later on, it is stated that the bear with one eye is actually Odin.

When Elisa is kept warm with Gunther and Erik Sturluson, Odin breaks into the house with his horse Sleipnir. Elisa runs out of the house and gets captured by Odin. Goliath left him no choice but to give him the Eye of Odin. Goliath ignored the warning from Angela and Elisa about using the Eye of Odin. Goliath, instead, donned the Eye of Odin and became corrupted by the amulet.

Later on, Goliath gets into a confrontation with Odin. Odin tells him to return the Eye of Odin, but Goliath refuses. Odin and Goliath get into a fight for the amulet Goliath has donned. After getting into a brief fight, the Eye of Odin has weakened Odin and is almost defeated. Odin, almost defeated, caused shockwaves to move the boulder in which Goliath's companions are trying to push after the confrontation has ended.

Later on, Odin has apologized to Goliath for the attempts to regain the Eye of Odin. He rode back on Sleipnir on the Rainbow Bridge.

"The Gathering: Part One"

Since Odin rode back up the way to Rainbow Bridge, he returned to Avalon in his battle armor. He gets into a confrontation with the Banshee to prove his skills. After having enough skills, Oberon freezes Odin and the Banshee in their animal forms. He reverts them back to normal and unfroze both of them. It is unknown what happened to Odin after being thawed.


  • Odin is one of the several characters to be played by a Star Trek cast member. In this case William Morgan Sheppard, who portrayed several roles in several episodes.

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