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Off the Wall was a children's game show produced by Vin Di Bona Productions that aired on the Disney Channel starting in 1998 and ending in 1999. The show only lasted for one season. It was hosted by the wild & crazy-haired Larry Zeno, and co-hosted by Kelli Kirkland.


Three teams of three kids compete in a series of weird, outrageous, and unusual events; all played against nine pre-videotaped on-the-street contestants.

Rounds 1 & 2

In the first two rounds, one player from each team chose a video on-the-street player from the wall (hence the name of the show) to play against in a stunt. A brief videotaped interview was then played, after which host Larry explained the stunt. The stunt began by virtue of Larry & the audience counting down (5... 4... 3... 2... 1... GO!), and the in-studio player's job was to beat the videotaped on-the-street player (sometimes within a time limit). If successful, the contestant earned points for the team, but if unsuccessful, no points were awarded (ties always went to the on-the-street player). After one player took a turn, another player from the opposing team took a chance. One of the on-the-street players was dubbed the "Double Trouble" player; should the in-studio contestant win this stunt, he/she earned double the points for the team.

Point Values

Rounds Single Double
Round 1 100 200
Round 2 200 400

Round 3 (Head-to-Head Challenge)

The final two players from both teams compete against each other & one last video player in this deciding round called "The Head-to-Head Challenge". To start, the video challenger's interview was played, then the challenge was explained & played. The first studio contestant to beat the video challenger earns 300 points, with an additional 250 points awarded for beating the studio opponent. (In the event of a tie between studio players, no points are awarded.)

The theoretical maximum score was 1,050 points (100 in round 1, 400 in round 2 [via "Double Trouble"], and 550 in round 3).

The team with the most points wins the game, and goes on to play for a grand prize.

The Ultimate Showdown (Bonus Round)

In the bonus game, the winning team plays one last game, this time against a member of the studio audience. After the game was explained, the round began. If the winning team can beat the audience member, they win a grand prize for each team member. But if not, the winning team still takes home a consolation prize.

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