Officer Keys is a supporting character from the Disney Channel animated series Big City Greens. He is the local police officer in Big City who takes overenthusiastic pride in his work. His antics are an occasional conflict with people around him.



To say that Officer Keys is enthusiastic is an understatement. Keys takes pride in his job and lets everyone know it. He has an overly friendly demeanor and always seems to be in a happy mood. This usually contrasts with the things he carries out throughout the city that might disappoint those. The reason for this might be due to the fact that he simply enjoys fulfilling his role in law enforcement. Nevertheless, he is not intentionally malicious and is merely doing his job as he sees fit.

In "Green Streets", it is revealed that he chooses to retain a sunny disposition as opposed to a serious hard-boiled attitude because he finds it difficult to maintain such a persona. It is further implied that it is because he does not want to unintentionally scare or harm people while he is on duty.

Physical appearance

Officer Keys is tall and has light magenta skin and purple hair that is shaved down short. He is always in a blue police uniform and seems perfectly fit. He also has a thick black chevron mustache that covers his mouth when it is closed.


  • Keys seems to be the only officer available in Big City.
  • Andromeda is under the belief that Keys is an alien. This would be understandable as there is something unsettling about his happy demeanor.
  • Keys is taking night classes so that he can be a judge.

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