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Old Yeller Title Card.jpg
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Old Yeller is the title character in the movie of the same name. He's a Blackmouth Cur and a hero. At first, he caused trouble such as scaring Travis' mule, Jumper, and stealing food from his family, which angered him deeply. However, after he saved his younger brother, Arliss, from a mother bear, Travis changed his mind and grew fond of him. They became good friends and worked together to keep the farm in order and safe. However, one night, when a wolf attacked, he was bitten during the fight and unfortunately got rabies as a result. Travis was distraught about this and reluctantly had to shoot him to put him out of his misery. Afterwards, he made a grave for him and buried him in it, then he started raising his son, Savage Sam, planning to make him just like his dad. He was portrayed by Spike.



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