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Olivia Dickens is a character from the video game Guilty Party. "Kidnapped" early in the game, it is later revealed that she was really the Commodore's old enemy Mr. Valentine and donned the guise again when he forgot their anniversary.

Official Biography

Long before they were married, Olivia applied for a job as the Commodore's typist, back when the Dickens Detective Agency was still a one-man operation. He hired her on the spot, but fired her two hours later when it became apparent that she typed even slower than he did. But The Commodore's professional disappointment could not quell the personal affection he felt for her, and they eventually married in a lavish ceremony befitting a famous detective and his beautiful lady love.

While the Commodore would stay out until all hours of the night, collecting clues and unraveling cases, she stayed home to take care of their children, Max and Phoebe. Now that they're all grown up, Olivia busies herself by playing the role of stylish matriarch to the hilt - hosting lavish parties at Dickens Manor, working with numerous charities, and generally making sure that her family has an air of class and distinction not normally found among private eyes. She's still breathtakingly gorgeous (thanks in part to the miracle of plastic surgery) and ostentatious about displaying the wealth afforded by the Commodore's success, but her most distinguishing feature is the doting, motherly affection she provides to her entire extended family.

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