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"On My Way" is a song featured in Disney's 2003 film, Brother Bear, performed by Phil Collins. In the movie, it starts off with Koda (Jeremy Suarez) singing, then switches to Collins singing with Koda singing the last line. However, on the soundtrack, Collins sings solo in its entirety.

It is also included in the Disney Sing Along Songs volume, Disney Sing Along Songs: On My Way where the song also serves as the volume's title. The volume also included a dance-along video version of the song.


When Koda tells the story to Kenai (transformed into a bear) about his mother getting separated, Kenai tells him to save this story for the other bears at the Salmon Run. When Koda tries to tell Kenai another story, Koda then plans to sing, despite Kenai's protests. Kenai constantly gets irritated with Koda's singing as the two bears explore nature around them with Phil Collins singing the song. Near the end of the song after Kenai and Koda roll down a windy hill and have fun playing with mud, the two bears encounter the two moose Rutt and Tuke who tell them about the hunter chasing Kenai. Kenai tells them that they lost Denahi at the glacier. When Rutt and Tuke discover their animal tracks, Kenai had an idea: he, Koda, and Rutt and Tuke ride on mammoths so that Denahi will not catch them with the song resuming as Koda tells the other animals to ride the mammoths and join them on their journey. The song then ends when Koda sings that last line "Yes, I'm on my way!"


Koda (movie only), Phil Collins (soundtrack only): Tell everybody I'm on my way
New friends and new places to see
With blue skies ahead
Yes, I'm on my way
And there's nowhere else that I'd rather be

Phil Collins: Tell everybody I'm on my way
And I'm loving every step I take
With the sun beating down
Yes, I'm on my way
And I can't keep this smile off my face

Cause there's nothing like seeing each other again
No matter what the distance between
And the stories that we tell will make you smile
Oh it really lifts my heart

So tell 'em all I'm on my way
New friends and new places to see
And to sleep under the stars
Who could ask for more
With the moon keeping watch over me

Not the snow and not the rain
Can change my mind
The sun will come out, wait and see
And the feeling of the wind in your face
Can lift your heart
Oh there's no where I would rather be

'Cause I'm on my way now-
Well and truly
I'm on my way now

(I'm on my way now)


Tell everybody I'm on my way
I just can't wait to be there
With blue skies ahead yes
I'm on my way
And nothing but good times to share

So tell everybody I'm on my way
And I just can't wait to be home
With the sun beating down yes
I'm on my way
And nothing but good times to show
I'm on my way

Koda (movie only), Phil Collins (soundtrack only): Yes, I'm on my way!


  • In the film, "On My Way" is the only song to be sung even partially by a character (in this case, Koda).
  • The song was used in a 2007 commercial for Coca-Cola.


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