"On Vacation", also titled "On Vacation with Mickey Mouse and Friends" on video releases, is an episode of Disneyland that aired on March 7, 1956, featuring Jiminy Cricket and the Fab Five.


Jiminy Cricket gets a call from "the boss" to produce his own show with Mickey Mouse and his friends, but is warned to "watch the budget". Jiminy tries to phone Mickey, who is out golfing with Pluto at the country club. Mickey is called upon to answer the phone, so he gives Pluto a ball to play with while he answers, but Pluto gets in a sticky situation with a pesky bee.

Later, Jiminy tries to call Goofy, but he is out fishing with Jiminy's nephew, Wilbur the grasshopper. Jiminy then tries to contact Donald Duck, who is vacationing at a dude ranch. At his wit's end, Jiminy calls up the Army, the Navy, etc. to bring Donald over to the studio. Mickey and Goofy also show up, and Jiminy tells the three a script he wrote, depicting them living in a traveling trailer.

When Jiminy finishes telling them the story, Goofy objects that Minnie Mouse isn't in it. Jiminy tells him that Minnie is on vacation in Hawaii, giving Mickey, Donald and Goofy inspiration to rewrite the script and have them down in Hawaii with Minnie. Finally having enough, Jiminy gives the three control over the show and decides to go on vacation himself, to Catalina, but not before telling them to "watch the budget".

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  • A few clips from this episode were used (with some redubbed dialogue from "the boss") for The Making of Mickey's Christmas Carol.
  • After Walt Disney's death, subsequent showings had Dick Wesson dub over Walt's voice as "the boss".
  • During the search for Mickey, Donald and Goofy, the "tribal chant" sound from African Diary is heard in the background.


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