"On the Front Porch" is a song from the film Summer Magic written by Robert and Richard Sherman and sung primarily by Burl Ives. But he is joined in by the cast throughout it. After the lawn party at the yellow house the Pophams and the Careys relax on their front porch and sing it.

Richard Sherman has said that out of all the songs he has written, this was his favorite.


Three creeky wooden stairs
Those squeeky rocking chairs
The well-worn welcome mat
The latis-vine
The happy times
All I wanna do
When the day is through
Is linger here
On the front porch with you
From the wicker swing
While the night birds sing
We'll watch the fireflies sparkin'
Do some sparkin' too
How the hours fly
As the moon drifts by
How sweet the air
As we stare at the sky
Oh how I love to
Linger here like this
Hold your hand
And steal a kiss or two
On the front porch with you
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