"On the Savannah" is a song from the episode "Where's Perry?", as Flynn-Fletcher family and their friends enjoying the view in the Savannah.


Nine happy campers on the savannah,
Goes to this African rift,
Give the baboon a big banana
And don't cheat the cheetah if you get my drift.
Some sleep in the daylight
And then they hunt by night,
Not a single traffic light,
Not a fence in sight
And the feeling all right.
On the savannah.
Sailing to the seas of Bilderbibel,
There's a funky little hippo on the crow,
Put on your safety belt and cup your nose,
That's how we roll.
I'm awestruck by the waterbuck,
You're compelled by the gazelle,
Let's have a feast with the wildebeest,
Better keep your eye on the sleeping lion,
Gonna be polite, or they just might bite,
Still were feeling all right.
On the savannah.
On the savannah!

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