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Walliam Ribbiton, better known as One-Eyed Wally, is a supporting character in the 2019 television series Amphibia.



One-Eyed Wally is the town loon. He is strange and unusual and likes to dance around and sing nonsense songs with accompaniment from his accordion. He is somewhat cowardly, as seen in "Anne or Beast?", as he got scared of Anne upon seeing her and even assumed her to be a frog-eating monster even througth he knew completly nothing about her. Sprig even noted that he usually does that. He does not seem to care what other people think of him as he enjoys being himself. However, in "Wally and Anne", he was visibly hurt when Anne openly wished to be nothing like him, showing that he does at least care somewhat about how he is perceived. He also seems to be quite insane, as he instantly caused the Toad Tower to explode in "Reunion" even though everyone (including himself) was still in there and was even told to not to do it.

In "Swamp and Sensibility", Wally is revealed to actually not be as eccentric as previously believed. He has shown a much more reserved, responsible and sentimental side and only pretends to act loony as it makes him feel free. He is also shown to live in fear of his father's judgment. By the end of the episode, he becomes confidant in being himself in front of his father.

Following Anne and the Plantars' return from Newtopia, Wally's eccentricities were slightly toned down and he has become more self-aware and even more level headed than the other Wartwood citizens. He still occasionally displays his quirky attributes.

Physical appearance

Wally resembles the other frogs in Wartwood, but has a noticeably taller head than most. He is turquoise in color with a lighter blue underbelly and has a pale violet tongue. He is dark turquoise hair (which is shoulder length and surprisingly well kept) and has a small soul patch on his chin. Like the other frogs, he has four fingers and two toes on each hand and foot. As his name implies, he has one big yellow eye that is constantly open and the other closed with dark blue eyelids.

He wears black pants, which do not seem to be buttoned up, a indigo colored vest and an orange scarf. He wears brown shoes, one of which is fine and the other has holes in it exposing his toes. He wears a big blue hat that has a cattail plant sticking out of the top (which he considers iconic).


  • Accordion: Wally is handy with using an accordion and usually sings shanties and odes. He claims that it was given to him by someone (either a mentor or parental figure) who died and hoped that Wally would avenge his killer by defeating him with his music.
  • Beast Polo: Wally is an exceptional player at Beast Polo. Despite typically using his pet ladybug Fiddleleaf, he was able to play the game using Anne as a substitute.


  • Wally's accordion resembles a caterpillar. Whether or not it is an actual caterpillar or was simply designed to look like one is unknown.
  • Wally found Anne and Sprig's friendship to be "not right" in "Flood, Sweat & Tears". However, later episodes show him accepting them. While this could be seen as him growing to accept Anne, it seems out of character for him as he is established with the mindset of accepting strange and bizarre things around Wartwood.


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