Dyan, Pan, and Uka are supporting characters in Disney’s 2021 animated feature film, Raya and the Last Dragon. They are a trio of thieving Ongis (half-monkey, half-catfish creatures) from Kumandra’s Talon Land. When a toddler named Noi lost her family to the Druun, the Ongis worked together to raise and protect her. To get by, they formulated a hustle ring to rob the people of Talon blind of their valuables.


The three chattering Ongis reside in the floating market region of Talon, known for its abundance of shops and trade. They spend much of their time prowling the busy streets and alleyways, awaiting their next pawn. The Ongis are rowdy, mischievous, and swift. They have mastered the art of thievery as their monkey-like attributes make them difficult to notice or catch. Their cuddly appearance render them unassuming, which helps in their schemes.

Official Description

Part monkey, part catfish, the three Ongis are resourceful con artists from the trading port of Talon. They do everything together, including raising a 2-year-old toddler named Noi.


Dyan is the tallest and leanest of the group. She[1] is identified by her large hat with a hole in the center to accommodate her banded head hair. With a typically scowled face, Dyan’s temperament leans into the no-nonsense (though she has a soft spot of playtime). She enjoys picking and eating grubs out of Pan’s fur.

Pan is rotund and dons a miniature hat that sits comfortably atop his egg-shaped head. He possesses a laid-back disposition, signified by his normally zen expression and broad smile. As the largest and strongest Ongi, Pan typically carries Noi during their quick getaways. He finds having his fur groomed for grubs to be relaxing.

Uka is the smallest and youngest of the trio. Though just as troublemaking and crafty as his companions, the wide-eyed Uka is the most compassionate and the least hostile towards strangers. On his downtime, he enjoys playing with Dyan’s tail.  


  • According to Boun, Ongis have nine stomachs.
  • None of the Ongis are referred to by name in the film, only by their species. Their names were confirmed through merchandise tie-ins based on the characters.



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