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Onward is the soundtrack album composed and conducted by Mychael Danna and Jeff Danna for Disney/Pixar's 2020 animated feature film of the same name which was released through Walt Disney Records on February 28, 2020.

Track listing

  1. Carried Me With You - Performed by Brandi Carlile
  2. Quests of Yore
  3. The World Was Full of Wonder
  4. A Little Magic
  5. Bad Dragon
  6. New Ian
  7. My Mighty Steed
  8. My Birthday Is Cancelled
  9. Wish I Could Spend the Day with You
  10. The Visitation Spell
  11. The Spell
  12. The Spell Only Lasts One Day
  13. Find Another Phoenix Gem
  14. Going on a Quest
  15. Laurel in Pursuit
  16. The Manticore’s Tavern
  17. Tavern Remodeling
  18. The Map to Raven’s Point
  19. Two Teenage Elves
  20. Magnora Gantuan!
  21. Baby Legs
  22. Pixie Dusters
  23. The Guardian Curse
  24. Driving Test
  25. Dance Fight
  26. Path of Peril
  27. Pawn Shop
  28. Tracking Guinevere
  29. Bottomless Pit
  30. The Trust Bridge
  31. Follow Your Gut
  32. Running from the Cops
  33. Sacrifice
  34. Just a Beat Up Old Van
  35. The Cave
  36. Accelior!
  37. Boom Bastia!
  38. Barley’s Last Memory of Dad
  39. Led Us to Our Victory!
  40. The Truth Comes Out
  41. Share My Life with Him
  42. Battling the Dragon
  43. Voltar Thunderseer!
  44. Dad
  45. Magic Returns

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