Ooh and Aah are animated monkey puppets who served as the mascots and hosts for Playhouse Disney following the retirement of Clay as mascot and prior to its conversion to Disney Junior. The two were also the main characters in Ooh, Aah & You, a series of shorts that aired on the network. The two were somewhat goofy and enjoyed eating bananas. Ooh was older and generally calmer, with a fondness for classical music. Aah was younger and by contrast somewhat hyper, liking to play a lot.

They also play games and do stuff to find out what's up next.

The two were also in a number of their own songs on the album Playhouse Disney: Music Play Date and covered "You've Got a Friend in Me" on the album Disney Music Block Party.


Ooh and Aah first debuted on November 2005 in a short series called Ooh, Aah and You, that aired as part of the Mini Show-and-Tell Time segment. It ended on December 2006 and would air at 5:55 am each day to begin the Playhouse Disney block, and also aired at 6:55 am.

Playhouse Disney's reboot announcement was announced on November 5, 2006, and would be designed by CA Square, replacing its former design and bumpers by Flickerlab. Later that day, they announced new mascots to replace their former mascot, Clay, into someone new. But one day, they thought if they used the characters from a short series, so they chose Ooh and Aah. Ooh and Aah's first appearances as mascots was on March 30, 2007, opening the block at 6:00 am Central Time with their daily sign-on, then aired the Bear in the Big Blue House episode "Rockin' Rocko", as its first program. Popular bumper themes featuring Ooh and Aah include Monkey Mail, Pull That Vine, Spin the Wheel, Jungle Jumble and Behind That Door. Ooh and Aah later retired the day before Disney Junior had launched, with the last program to air to be an episode of the short series Handy Manny's School for Tools at 12:55 pm Eastern Time.


  • These are the mascots who replaced Clay.
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