Organ Donors is an animated short starring Mickey, Donald and Goofy, originally aired as part of the fourth episode of Mickey Mouse Works. It was later shown in the House of Mouse episode "Pete's House of Villains".


Mickey, Donald, and Goofy deliver a used pipe organ to a deranged Toy Maker. They soon learn that he doesn't want a pipe organ - he wants their internal organs!


Mickey, Donald, and Goofy have come together and once again started a new business. This time, they are "organ donors" looking to "donate organs." One day, a rather strange man orders an organ, so the three go get one. As it turns out, the "organs" they sell are actually pipe organs. Along the way to the man's house, the three play on the organ, making music.

When they arrive, they are amazed by the amount of toys the man owns, including a giant set of dentures as his entrance. The three carry the organ inside, where more toys await and amaze them. The man, who is revealed to be a toy maker, then appears before them (giving Mickey a fright), and Mickey presents the pipe organ to him. The toy maker thanks them (though he is seen dismayed at first), and offers them a place to stay for the night.

That night, Mickey is separated from Donald and Goofy, and tied down to a stakeboard, where the man paints the outline of a heart. After quarreling over the blanket, Donald and Goofy are sent down as well. Mickey wakes up to find him strapped, and the toy maker reveals his true intentions: he needs an organ ("not a musical one - a live one") to bring his bride to life, and is using a machine to get Mickey's heart. Mickey yells that he has a loose screw, and the toy maker, after tightening the loose screw on his machine, aims it at the hear shaped outline on Mickey.

Luckily, Donald and Goofy rescue Mickey before the machine goes off, and Mickey reveals the toy maker's plan. The toy maker gives chase, and what follows is a sequence of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy using the toy maker's toys to get away, such as pogo sticks, roller skates, jumpropes, unicycles, and even a model train set. Eventually, the train hits the pipe organ, trapping the three. The toy maker then reveals that he has plans for Donald and Goofy's hearts as well. Understandably horrified, the three break out and speed away.

Even though they are still in service selling organs, they now remind their customers that they are selling pipe organs, and not living ones.

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