The Organization is a powerful crime syndicate of the XXIII century for which a lot of characters work in the PKNA comic series. It is eradicated in PKNA # 43.

The Organization headquarters is an imposing and anonymous tower of the twenty-third century, whose location is unknown. Despite this, The Duck Avenger is allowed to enter it in an adventure because he is forced to ally with the time pirates.

The Organization has two levels of operation: the first is theft by commission. Artistic works and masterpieces of the past, are preyed to go to beautify the residences of wealthy clients. The time piracy has in fact numerous contacts with influential people of their time, who provide political protection. In PKNA # 22, the Duck Avenger discovers that Sean Gottfresh, candidate for governor of Calisota, has numerous links with the time pirates.

The second level is rather more sophisticated and dangerous: the alteration of the course of events, which can be made on specific historical events of epochal importance, or by using a Cronosail that allows to move abruptly the history of humanity towards a different probability path to lead to another future.


The criminal cartel has a strict hierarchy so that each member knows only his direct leaders, but not the higher levels. This is a precaution taken to ensure that an agent cannot reveal to the Time Police the whole structure of piracy. At the top of the Organization is led by a triumvirate, who decide the policy to be adopted. The triumvirate consists of two males and a female, the latter certainly the most enterprising and vindictive. They are deposed by Odin Eidolon and Deugemo in the alternate timeline of PKNA # 34. Agents of the Organization include both biological beings and very efficient droids.

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