Otis Bigelow is a character in The Rocketeer.


The Rocketeer

After an accident on the airfield, involving pilot Cliff Secord and gangsters, Bigelow tries to get Secord and Peevy to pay for a fuel truck (that had been destroyed by the gangsters). Bigelow forces them to perform a clown act, during the upcoming air show. However, when Secord doesn't show up, Bigelow threatens to fire him. Unbeknownst to Bigelow, this prompts Malcolm, one of Secord's friends, to take Secord's place. When Malcolm begins to have trouble, Bigelow tries to assure the audience that it's all part of the show. Something he continues to do, when a flying man appears and saves Malcolm. Bigelow sets himself up as the man behind the flying man, whom he names the "Rocketeer". However, this results in Lothar seeking him out, for information. The FBI finds Bigelow in his office, broken in half and dead.

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