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God bless Robin Hood.
―Otto to Friar Tuck about Robin Hood

Otto is an elderly dog and a background character in Disney's 1973 film, Robin Hood. He is voiced by J. Pat O'Malley in the original film and by Wayne Allwine in Mickey's Christmas Carol.


Personality and Physical Appearance

Otto portrayed as is kind and generous. He thanks all gifts given to him (like when Robin Hood gives him money stating to god bless him). Otto is a brown seeming elderly dog. He carries a cane (because of his injury). He wears a red overall, though while he is imprisoned he wears a large blue shirt (though his bandage still remains). He is slender with dark brown fur, and a bandage on his foot (also because of his injury).


Robin Hood

Otto appears to be Nottingham's blacksmith, however, at the time of the film, he has broken his leg (but nobody knows how). This has resulted in Otto falling behind in both his work and his taxes. Friar Tuck comes by one day and brings him money from Robin Hood. Upon hearing The Sheriff of Nottingham come by for tax collection, they attempt to hide the money in Otto's cast. Unfortunately, the Sheriff is able to hear the coins jingle as Otto walks, and manages to take the money and also with clues before he entered, the Sherriff hearing Tuck telling Otto to hide the coins, greatly startling Tuck, seeming cross.

Otto's later appearances are mostly cameos. He is seen as one of the spectators at the archery tournament along with Friar Tuck and other animals. In Sherwood Forest , Otto takes part in the mocking play of Prince John, using a sock puppet to play the part of Sir Hiss and also dancing with Maid Marian (with reused animation from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Aristocats among other films).

Later, he is among the townspeople who have been imprisoned for not paying taxes and is seen being fed by Toby Turtle's father as other animals watched, though he is freed by Little John. Finally, at the end of the film, he is seen at the wedding of Robin Hood and Maid Marian as there marriage carriage rides away, cheering on Robin Hood and Marian.

Mickey's Christmas Carol

Otto makes an small appearance in the re-enacting of Charles Dicken's, A Christmas Carol, Mickey's Christmas Carol, voiced by Wayne Allwine (who also voiced Mickey Mouse).

He is first seen in the beginning of the short film, cooling himself along with other beggars by a fireplace, then asking Ebenezer Scrooge, passing by for money (him being a beggar and rather poor), though denies him, laughing at him, glaring. He is then seen briefly at the end of the film, as Scrooge, now reformed, rushes through the streets (finally learned about kindness and Christmas).



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