Out of Shadowland was a musical stage show that is being played at Hangar Stage in Lost River Delta at Tokyo DisneySea. It premiered on July 9, 2016, as part of its 15th anniversary celebrations.


When a young girl named "Mei" lost in the jungle, her journeys of world of shadows begin. After she experience many wonderful things with a mysterious man named "Yuu", she started to have a confidence to fight with "Kagedori", a bird of darkness which made this place into Shadowland. After the battle, she reunited with her companions. it seems nobody thought her saying was true, however Mei will never forget her journeys.

List of songs

  • Jungle Safari
  • True Self


  • Famous Disney characters did not appear in this show, same as the previous show at Hangar Stage, Mystic Rhythms.
  • All the lines and lyrics are spoken in Japanese.


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