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He sees everything, which can be a great help to an old man.

The Owl is a character in the 2018 live-action Disney film, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.


According to Drosselmeyer, the owl is a sentient bird who can be helpful towards Drosselmeyer.


The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

The owl is first seen flying across the River Thames which is frozen in ice while flying across the city of London during a winter afternoon. Flying across a residential street, he attempts to eat a nearby mouse but his attempt to eat it was unsuccessful.

When Clara Stahlbaum arrives at Drosselmeyer's workshop, the owl swoops over her just as the owl gazes upon Clara, Drosselmeyer approaches her and explains that the owl sees everything thanks to his good eyesight. Soon as Clara leaves, Drosselmeyer summons his owl to keep an eye on Clara and protect her from danger. Later as Clara finds herself in the Christmas Tree Forest, the owl flies past her just as Clara continues exploring the world around her. He then sees Clara and Phillip riding on Jingles who are escaping from the Mouse King and Mother Ginger believing they are a threat to them.

That night, the owl flies across the Palace while Clara is sleeping in bed. He suddenly wakes up Clara, allowing her to see the Four Realms around her and upon noticing a shooting star pass by, the owl leaves. The owl is later seen flying across the Palace of the Four Realms which is free from the tyranny of Sugar Plum.

At the end of the film when Clara returns home, the owl observes everyone dancing at the ballroom inside while being perched on a female statue. Suddenly, the owl sees a shooting star pass by as he flies off into the night sky just before the last image cuts to black to bring in the end credits.


  • The owl was sporadically featured in certain posters promoting the film, especially in the DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K HD releases of the film, as the film was based on the ballet.
  • In the original story, the owl was simply an owl perched on a grandfather clock during the first act where the owl character shifts into Drosselmeyer. In this film, the owl has a sentient behavior and a realistic appearance (specifically resembling a Eurasian eagle owl); therefore, he does not perch on a grandfather clock.

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