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The Owl Staff is a magic wooden staff with an owl shaped palisman owned by Eda in the Disney Channel animated series, The Owl House.


According to Eda, witches' staffs on The Boiling Isles have power embedded into them and are usually awarded from school. However, before one can earn a staff every witch must know how to cast spells on their own. It is possible to assume that witches' staffs are self fabricated by witches during school, made from ancient tree branches.[1]

Aside from being used to cast magic, Eda's Owl Staff can also be used as a means of transportation like a witch's broomstick, and can accommodate three passengers. When in flight the owl headpiece's wings will open and flap.


Owlbert is the name of the staff's palisman who can detach and come to life as a living owl. He was made from the branch of an ancient tree by Eda, who uses him to either steal from the human realm or as a distraction against opponents. As shown in "Hooty's Moving Hassle", Owlbert appears to have a mind of his own—and is not just an enchanted object. He can get upset and offended if someone hurts him, and will either ignore commands or runaway. Owlbert has a very close bond with Eda, who is shown to be very protective of him. Like all palismans, Olbert has an interlock under his feet, so he only fits on Eda's staff.


  • The name Owlbert is a play on the name "Albert".



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