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Owlbert is Eda's palisman in the Disney Channel animated series, The Owl House.


Eda made Owlbert from the branch of a palistrum tree, a tradition that has become rare due to to overharvesting. Eda often uses him to either steal from the human realm or as a distraction against opponents. Despite being an enchanted object used to cast magic, Owlbert has a sense of independence and can attach and reattach from his staff either by command or on his own free will. He has a very close bond with Eda, who is shown to be protective of him.

Physical appearance

Owlbert bears the appearance of a typical owl, displaying brown-toned feathers, golden-yellow eyes, and orange feet. A staff-binding interlock is located underneath his right foot that allows him to detach from atop of Eda's staff.


  • The name Owlbert is a play on the name "Albert".
  • Owlbert shares the same name as a 1988 children's book title Owlbert written by Nicholas Harris.


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