PJ's Bedtime was one of the presentation strands featured on Playhouse Disney UK during the "Big Dave and Little Alex" era, which was introduced in Early 2004, and continued on until November 2007.


PJ's Bedtime featured the titular PJ Mole (puppeteered by Marcus Clarke), who would gradually be getting ready for bed as the evening progressed, and would be joined in with Big Dave and Olivia, who would occasionally introduce shows and have fun.

The block would start around 6:00pm after 'The Playhouse' finished for the day. The song 'Say Hello' would be sung by PJ, and then Dave and Olivia would introduce themselves to the viewers, later putting on their pyjamas and singing 'The Pyjama Song'. They would later give PJ a bath, singing 'Squeaky Clean' along the way. Nearer to 8:00pm, PJ would finally get into bed, and would be sung to sleep by either Dave or Olivia with a 'Yawning Lullaby'. Programs would continue into the night (albeit without any in-vision links) until the channel closed down for the night at around 12:30am.

On occasions, PJ would be read a bedtime story by a well-known television personality or presenter, which would normally feature picture books. This was akin to CBeebies‘ “Bedtime Story” program, which also had a celebrity reading a story to the viewers before the channel closed for the night.

By Early 2005, PJ Mole’s puppet design and voice were changed, giving the character a gentler, calmer vibe.

With the removal of most in-vision strands and presenters in August 2006, PJ would present the segment alone until November 2007, when the block was replaced with a new nighttime block titled 'Whiffle and Fuzz', leaving Bite Size as the last remaining programme/strand left from the classic era until it’s later removal.

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