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The following episodes of PJ Masks are listed in the order of their original airing.

The series premiered on September 18, 2015 on Disney Junior, with "Blame it on the Train, Owlette" and "Catboy's Cloudy Crisis".

Season One (2015-2017)

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01 01 "Blame it on the Train, Owlette" September 18, 2015 101A
By day, Amaya is a bit too excited to ride on a new train ride, and she has some trouble remembering to be patient. But then she notices that the train was missing. By night, it is revealed that Romeo, the evil scientist, has stolen and modified the train to catch his runaway mobile lab. Owlette continues to rush into situations in order to make the team finish their mission faster. This continuously causes her to mess up.
"Catboy's Cloudy Crisis" September 18, 2015 101B
By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya were playing tag, but then Greg and Amaya decide to play in the sprinklers instead. Due to Connor's aquaphobia, he won't join them. Suddenly, the water stops flowing, and clouds begin to come out of the hoses, blocking the sun and making it cold. By night, Luna Girl is using an adapter to her Luna Magnet to make all types of rain clouds to end summer. She forces Catboy to choose between getting wet, and saving the day.
02 02 "Owlette and the Flash Flip Trip" September 19, 2015 102A
By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya are getting ready for story time in class, but Amaya is obsessed with a comic book heroine named Flossy Flash. When Connor, Greg, and Amaya enter the classroom, they notice that all the books have pictures of Romeo. By night, Romeo has replaced every book's pages and covers with pictures of himself, thanks to his new slave: Robot. Owlette tries to use Flossy Flash's powers to stop Romeo from reaching the library, and the city's most important books, but she keeps making the mission harder.
"Catboy and the Pogo Dozer" September 19, 2015 102B
By day, Connor, Greg and Amaya were visiting the museum's science fair room and notices a crane game. Greg wants to play, but Connor always goes first. Amaya notices a crack on the wall stating that they've been fixing up the museum for months. By night, Romeo is trying to knock down the wall to get the jetpack to stink up the chimneys with his newest invention: the Sniff-O-Whiff. Gekko broke off a piece of Romeo's bulldozer, and makes a great pogo-stick out of it, calling it a Pogo-Dozer. When Owlette is in trouble, Gekko tries to ride the Pogo-Dozer, but Catboy always goes first, refusing to give Gekko a chance.
09 03 "Gekko and the Super Ninjalinos" September 25, 2015 103A
By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya get ready to go to the park for Sports Day. Greg wants to be strong in the daytime. But when they got to the park, they discovered that the sports equipment was stolen. At night, Night Ninja had stolen the sports gear to make his Ninjalinos super strong. Gekko wants to get the equipment by himself. Catboy and Owlette tried to help, but Gekko wants to prove that he's super strong by defeating the Ninjalinos, and getting the sports gear by himself.
"Owlette's Terrible Pterodactyl Trouble" September 25, 2015 103B
By day, the gang visits the museum to see the dinosaur exhibits. Connor scared Amaya with a T-Rex cutout. Amaya was very mad at him. Connor told Amaya that he was trying to be funny, but Amaya didn't think it was funny. Then Greg notices the pterodactyl model was missing. By night, it was Romeo who stole it and made it fly. Catboy tries to get Owlette to accept his apology, but Owlette remains adamant that scaring her at the museum was mean, and not funny. Owlette continues to be hard on Catboy, but she only makes the mission harder.
04 04 "Catboy and the Shrinker" October 2, 2015 104A
By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya were heading to the playground. Connor says he's finally tall enough to go on the big kids' stuff when Greg notices that the playground has been shrunk. The PJ Masks soon find out that Romeo and Night Ninja team up to shrink them. Catboy says that he's a big kid. But when Romeo and Night Ninja shrink him, Catboy makes the mission harder by complaining that he's so small.
"Owlette and the Moon-Ball" October 2, 2015 104B
By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya play soccer against Cameron's team. Cameron says that Amaya is not good at soccer. When Amaya tries to score a goal, Connor and Greg get mad at her for not passing the ball to them, and for showing off about how good she is at soccer. Amaya gets the soccer ball back when Luna Girl's "Moon-Ball" sucked up the soccer ball. The PJ Masks soon find out that Luna Girl's Moon-Ball sucked up all the toys so she can keep them to herself. Owlette makes the mission harder by showing off about how good she is at soccer, and by getting sucked up in the Moon-Ball.
05 05 "Catboy and the Butterfly Brigade" October 9, 2015 105A
"Zoo Day" is today! Connor wants to see the lions and tigers, but Greg and Amaya want to see the butterfly gardens instead. Greg and Amaya think that Connor is acting really rough. Then they see that the zoo visitors are leaving the butterfly gardens because the butterflies are gone. By night, the PJ Masks try to get the butterflies back home, to the zoo. Owlette uses gentle wind gusts, and Gekko beckons them by changing colors. Catboy makes the butterflies whimper by grabbing them in a net at "super cat speed", which makes his teammates mad. Owlette says he's making them miserable, but then Gekko finds out that Luna Girl is using the stolen butterflies as her new "sidekicks" to replace her moths.
"Owlette the Winner" October 9, 2015 105B
By day, Connor and Amaya were playing basketball against Cameron's two teammates. Greg is the scorekeeper, and Cameron is the referee. Connor tries to score, but the other team blocked the ball to Amaya. Amaya started running with the ball, but then she makes a backwards shot from the far side of the court. "Amaya's Team" Wins! Cameron noticed that his whistle went missing after Amaya scored the lucky shot. By night, the PJ Masks noticed that Luna Girl took the whistle for her two moth teams to get every toy in the toy shop. But Owlette makes the mission harder by making everything into a competition.
06 06 "Speak UP, Gekko!" October 16, 2015 106A
By day, Greg is telling a poem to his class, but he was so shy that he choked up the words. Greg tells Connor and Amaya that reading a poem out loud was not easy and embarrassing, and that he doesn't want to read another poem out loud again. But then, Greg finds a box and it took his voice. Greg then does a "victory dance" because he doesn't have to speak tomorrow's poem out loud. But by night, Romeo plans to steal all of the PJ Masks' voices so he can blame them for his crimes. Catboy and Owlette try to get Gekko to get the voice box, but he was so nervous about doing another poem tomorrow, that he was hesitant on getting his voice back.
"Catboy and Master Fang's Sword" October 16, 2015 106B
Connor has a poster of Master Fang above his headboard. He explains his hero is the greatest kung fu master. Greg and Amaya arrive, and want to watch Master Fang on TV. They remind him that Master Fang never gets angry, but Master Fang announces that his sword was stolen last night. By night, they transform, and find Night Ninja with Master Fang's sword. Catboy keeps getting angry so they can get Master Fang's sword back from Night Ninja. But no matter how many times Gekko and Owlette try to tell Catboy to stop getting angry, he just wouldn't listen.
07 07 "Catboy vs. Robo-Cat" October 23, 2015 107A
By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya were playing frisbee, but Connor's frisbee went out. So once he got it, Greg and Amaya disappeared. By night, Catboy goes out to search for his friends, and thinks that they are being controlled by Romeo. He then discovers they are robot duplicates who Romeo calls "Robo-Owl" and "Robo-Gekko", while the real Greg and Amaya are being locked in hanging cages. They tried to get Catboy to get them out, but he is overprotective and claims that they don't stand a chance without their superpowers. The robots have all the powers of the originals, plus the added ability of firing energy beams out of their eyes. Robo-Gekko manages to steal the Cat Car away from Catboy. Meanwhile, Greg borrows one of Amaya's pink wing hairpins, and uses it to remove the screws holding the cage together. Catboy tries to figure out how to get the pajamas back, which are necessary for accessing the PJ Mask powers. Romeo does not explain how he got the pajamas, but this indicates that he is aware of their civilian identities, and home locations. He mentions he spent years building a supercomputer to power the robots, but it is not clear if he has been battling the PJ Masks for that long or if he began building the computer for a different purpose.
"Owlette and the Giving Owl" October 23, 2015 107B
During school for show-and-tell, Amaya shares the Giving Owl, a sculpture that her aunt gave her. She wants to keep it after Greg tells her she's supposed to give it away. When all the other kids' stuff for show and tell is stolen, the PJ Masks discover that Luna Girl stole the stuff for her new Luna Lair. Luna Girl then breaks into Amaya's house and steals the "moon statue", as the Giving Owl is a statue of a blue owl perched atop a white orb that resembles a moon. Catboy and Gekko tries to get Owlette to give the Giving Owl to Luna Girl but Owlette wants to keep it because it is special to her.
08 08 "Catboy and the Great Birthday Cake Rescue" October 30, 2015 108A
By day, Connor, Amaya, and Greg head to the library to celebrate Greg's birthday. But when they arrive, all of the party suppllies including the lizard cake was stolen. By night, it was Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos who has the party supplies to plan his own birthday party. The PJ Masks tries to get the lizard cake back, but the only thing that gets in the way of completing their mission was Catboy's love for the cake and decorations that are based on Master Fang.
"Gekko and the Snore-A-Saurus" October 30, 2015 108B
By day, Connor, Greg, Amaya, and Cameron were preparing for the school puppet show when Cameron smells cookies from the cafeteria. But the teacher announced that the puppets went missing. The PJ Masks were surprised when they saw Cameron sleepwalking! Gekko found out that Luna Girl took the puppets, but he got distracted by the moths' puppet moves.
09 09 "Looking After Gekko" November 6, 2015 109A
By day, Greg told Connor and Amaya that they always look after him because he's the youngest, but he says that he can do things by himself. But when they're about to go home, the school bus is mysteriously missing. By night, it is revealed that Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos have stolen the school bus and wants to convert it into his own Super-Vehicle. The team tries to get it back, but a stubborn Gekko insists on completing the mission by himself, which only made Catboy and Owlette annoyed with him.
"Catboy and the Teeny Weeny Ninjalino" November 6, 2015 109B
By day, Connor wants to be the first one in his classroom, when he notices that his desk is a mess. Greg and Amaya want Cameron to help clean up Connor's desk, but Connor doesn't want Cameron's help. When Cameron sadly walks out of the classroom, Amaya gets angry at Connor for not letting Cameron help. Greg then notices tiny Ninjalino footprints on one of Connor's homework sheets. By night, the PJ Masks find the tiny Ninjalino, but Catboy keeps trying to catch it when the tiny Ninjalino messed up all 3 floors of HQ. Then, Catboy forces the tiny Ninjalino to leave, but it won't leave. Soon, the PJ Masks find Night Ninja and the rest of his Ninjalinos. Night Ninja gets very surprised when his "spy" (the tiny Ninjalino) wants to work with the PJ Masks.
10 10 "Catboy's Tricky Ticket" November 13, 2015 110A
By day, Greg and Amaya wants to see Jayden Houston perform, but the concet was sold out. Connor ran up to them and told them that he only has one spare ticket, so he'll have to take Greg or Amaya to the concert. They begin to persuade Connor into giving them the spare ticket, but the concert was canceled when Jayden's golden microphone was missing. By night, Luna Girl took the golden microphone to have her own concert. Gekko and Owlette tried to get Catboy to give them the spare ticket, but it keeps making the mission harder.
"Gekko and the Missing Gekko-Mobile" November 13, 2015 110B
By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya are at school waiting to make a "Record-Breaking" Omlette, but the teacher announces that there are no eggs to make it. By night, the PJ Masks find out that Romeo has "rotten-ated" all the eggs to stop them. Gekko hides his Gekko-Mobile with "Gekko-Mobile Camouflage", but he doesn't know where he left it at. So Gekko lies to Catboy and Owlette that he didn't lose the Gekko-Mobile.
11 11 "Catboy's Flying Fiasco" November 20, 2015 111A
By day, Connor was flying his toy helicopter, when Greg tells him about the Hot Air Balloon ride that he and Amaya are going to. Then, Connor trips over a giant present. He finds an amazing new scooter inside the box that was "sent" by his Great Aunt, Synthia. Greg notices that Connor's new scooter looks familiar. Then, Connor, Greg, and Amaya were going to the Hot Air Balloon ride, when they notice that the rope was cut. By night, the PJ Masks find out that Luna Girl took the Hot Air Balloon so she can turn it into her very own "Moon-Y Balloon". Catboy asks Luna Girl for the Hot Air Balloon back, but then Luna Girl controls Catboy's scooter with her Luna Magnet. Gekko finally notices what Catboy's scooter REALLY is: A Disguised Luna Board! The Moon-Y Balloon finally flies away when Catboy cuts the rope with the Luna Board. Gekko catches up with the Moon-Y Balloon, but then he has his OWN flying problem! How will Catboy AND Owlette save Gekko?
"Gekko's Stay-at-Home Sneezes" November 20, 2015 111B
By day, Connor, Greg and Amaya start to get the first issue of the Flossy Flash comic. Amaya and Connor notice that Greg has some serious sneezes, and tells him to stay inside until he gets better. Then, they found out that the comic was stolen. But Greg wants to help, and states that a sneeze won't stop Gekko. At night, Catboy says that now that he's Gekko, he got "super sneezes". Gekko always goes out of HQ to warn Catboy and Owlette about Luna Girl ignoring his super sneezes, but Catboy and Owlette are telling him to stay inside. Luna Girl states that she will take over PJ Masks HQ with Gekko out to warn Catboy and Owlette.
12 12 "Gekko Saves Christmas" December 4, 2015 112A
By day, Connor and Amaya were ice skating enjoying the fun, but Greg complains that he doesn't know how to skate, and that he'll never get it. They noticed that all the lights and decorations on the Christmas Tree were gone on Christmas Eve morning. By night, Luna Girl was stealing the presents, so that there's no Christmas. Gekko must learn how to ride Luna Girl's Luna Board, and save Christmas.
"Gekko's Nice Ice Plan" December 4, 2015 112B
By day, the city is frozen solid and slippery in the middle of summer. By night, it was Romeo who turns the streets of the city into an icy-roller coaster for his newest invention: the La-Boggin. As Gekko learns that his "super lizard grip" can prevent him from slipping as he tries to tell his plan, Catboy and Owlette just won't listen to him.
13 13 "Gekko and the Mighty Moon Problem" December 11, 2015 113A
By day, Greg was having trouble building his Solar System model for his class. Amaya tells Greg to take his project "one step at a time", but then Connor finds out that the school field trip to the observatory was cancelled because a giant telescope was stolen. By night, the PJ Masks find out that Romeo stole the telescope for his Space Laser because he wants to carve a picture of himself ON THE MOON! However, one of Luna Girl's moths find out about Romeo's plan. Romeo then drives to a different part of town to fire his Space Laser, but then Gekko finds LUNA GIRL telling him that she won't let Romeo shoot the moon. Gekko now has 5 problems to deal with: Romeo, Robot, the Space Laser, Luna Girl, AND her moths! But then Gekko has a plan: He calls for Luna Girl to stop Romeo from shooting the Moon.
"Clumsy Catboy" December 11, 2015 113B
While Greg and Amaya get ready to show their volcano project, they notice that Connor was very clumsy and almost wreck their project. They notice that Connor wasn't the only one that's clumsy. It was Romeo that was making everyone in the city clumsy. Gekko and Owlette tried to get Catboy to admit that he's clumsy but he won't admit it. Gekko and Owlette got surprised that Romeo said that Catboy was the first one to be zapped on the night before. Now, Gekko and Owlette got zapped with Romeo's machine, and both are very clumsy. They got to use their clumsiness to stop Romeo and reverse everyone's clumsiness.
14 14 "Catboy and Gekko's Robot Rampage" January 22, 2016 114A
By day, Connor and Greg were talking about playing Master Fang and Kick McGee. Amaya wants to play as Flossy Flash, but Connor says that she's from a different show. Greg says that Amaya can play as Sloppy the K9 Sidekick Dog, but Amaya doesn't want to. But then, Connor notices that the playground equipment was stolen. By night, the PJ Masks find out that Robot took all the equipment because Romeo made a new robot called "Robette". Robot says that he is making a "new best friend" out of the playground equipment because he is jealous. Owlette feels left out whenever Catboy and Gekko play as Master Fang and Kick McGee, but Owlette DOES want to play as Flossy Flash. One time, when Robette said "Hi, I'm Robette", Owlette crashed into Robette, and turned her into an evil cyborg. Robette kept saying "Take over the World!" with Romeo in her metal arms. Robot then saw what happened to Romeo, then, Robot decides to save Romeo.
"Owlette's Feathered Friend" January 22, 2016 114B
By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya were at Greg's house taking care of Greg's pet lizard, Lionel. Amaya wish that she got a pet, and states that pets are fun as she plays with Lionel. Then their bracelet-rings are telling them that someone is invading HQ. They found out that there's no invader, and it's just a bird. The bird seems to like Owlette as she nuzzles her. Owlette asked if this bird can be her pet, and names her "Birdie". Gekko states that looking after a pet can be a lot of work, but Owlette said that taking care of a pet is easy. Then they saw Luna Girl at the museum taking something. Luna Girl then reveals that she going to turn HQ into a giant Luna Magnet, and her Luna Crystals are inside being put by Birdie due to Owlette being a terrible pet owner.
15 15 "Owlette and the Battling Headquarters" January 29, 2016 115A
By night, Amaya, Greg, and Connor were talking through walkie-talkies, but then they see Ninjalinos stealing school buses. The PJ Masks find out that Night Ninja has made his own HQ out of the stolen school buses. When Night Ninja shows the PJ Masks what his HQ can do, Owlette wishes for all the stuff that Night Ninja has on his HQ on their HQ.
"Gekko and the Mayhem at the Museum" January 29, 2016 115B
By day, Greg wants to build a very awesome model rocket ship, but all the supplies to build one is gone. Connor cheers Greg up about the trip to the science museum, but the teacher said that the trip was cancelled because there's no electricity. By night, it is revealed that Romeo wants to take over the town with his latest invention: the Big Box of Bad! Robot says that Romeo is going to rename the town "Romeoville" or "Romeopolis" once Romeo's Big Box of Bad is complete. Gekko gets mad, but then he finds out that Romeo booby-trapped all the tiles of the museum floor. Gekko's first trick is for Romeo to buy some Ice Cream, but then Gekko steps on another booby-trapped tile that spits out a gigantic boulder. Gekko gets steamed when the boulder crashes into his Gekko-Mobile, but then Catboy thinks of something: Stinky Cheese. When Romeo finds out about the Stinky Cheese, he stinks up the PJ Masks with "super super stink". But then, Romeo's Big Box of Bad is finally complete, and "Romeopolis" is BORN!
16 16 "Catboy Takes Control" February 5, 2016 116A
By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya were finished building their new remote control helicopter. But when Connor tried to fly it, he noticed that all the inside parts were stolen. By night, the PJ Masks find out that Romeo has taken the parts for his new remote that controls people to do whatever Romeo wants. Then, Romeo zaps Owlette because he wants Owlette to steal more remote controls. Gekko has a plan, but Catboy says that he's "in control", so he came up with a plan that Gekko can't do very well: jumping. Later, Romeo finishes a bigger remote that can control 3 people at once: The Radical Romeo Remote! Catboy now understands that being controlled is a bad thing.
"Owlette's Two Wrongs" February 5, 2016 116B
By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya were at the museum showing their art projects. When they saw that Amaya's Flossy Flash sculpture is broken, that got Amaya really sad, but she will get revenge. By night, Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos are at the museum with the stolen art, and a giant statue of Night Ninja. The PJ Masks work to stop Night Ninja from destroying the museum when they broke the hand of Night Ninja's statue. Night Ninja got so mad at Owlette. Now Owlette knows that two wrongs don't make a right. The next day, Amaya uses some of Night Ninja's Sticky Splats to fix her her Flossy Flash sculpture.
17 17 "Gekko Floats" February 12, 2016 117A
By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya were playing tag. When Greg started to hit HQ, it started to float. By night, Romeo was using his Anti-Gravity Machine to stop the PJ Masks, and to try to send HQ to the moon.
"Catboy's Two-Wheeled Wonder" February 12, 2016 117B
By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya were riding their bikes to the park when they noticed a stack of crushed cars. The PJ Masks soon find out that Romeo stole more cars, AND their Super-Vehicles! But the PJ Masks won't give up. Romeo decides to fly the Owl Glider first, and Owlette comes up with a plan to stop him. But as soon as Gekko is ready, Catboy leaves to get his Cat Car back. As soon as Owlette and Gekko find Catboy, Romeo decides to drive the Gekko-Mobile. Gekko flips out, but Owlette comes up with another plan to stop Romeo. The PJ Masks are ready for their plan to work. But as soon as Owlette starts her part of the plan, Catboy leaves again to have another shot at getting his Cat Car back. Owlette got mad at Catboy for not helping her with the plan to stop Romeo. Catboy then sees Romeo drive his Cat Car, but he decides to stop Romeo on his own. Owlette and Gekko are amazed, but then Romeo says he's gonna crush ALL of the PJ Masks' Super-Vehicles!
18 18 "Catboy's Great Gig" March 18, 2016 118A
By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya are preparing for a school concert, but Connor says that he has stage fright. Greg and Amaya were going to get the instruments with the other kids, but they were stolen. The PJ Masks soon find out that Night Ninja took the instruments for his own concert.
"Owlette's New Move" March 18, 2016 118B
By day, Connor and Greg were making up a new Three-Way superhero move, but Amaya keeps messing it up during practice because she doesn't understand what her new move is. The PJ Masks find out that Romeo wants to take over the world by using three machines instead of just one: his Robot, his La-Boggin, and his Track-A-Whacker.
19 19 "Supersonic Owlette" April 1, 2016 119A
By day, Connor and Greg were practicing some soccer tricks, when Amaya showed them her new tablet, and what cool features it could do. By night, the gang was video chatting when they find out someone broke into HQ. The PJ Masks were startled when they find Romeo in HQ. Romeo says he needs to know how to bring up the PJ Picture Player in "peace and quiet", so he teleported the PJ Masks outside of HQ. Later that night, Owlette messed everything up, and helped Romeo make HQ fly like a rocket. However, Catboy and Gekko know what HQ's "rocket function" is for: Ultimate, Disastrous, and Trouble Emergencies ONLY!!!
"Catboy and the Sticky Splat Slingshot" April 1, 2016 119B
By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya were looking at movie posters of a mysterious person, but they quickly realize it's Night Ninja. The PJ Masks find out that Night Ninja is doing his baddest bad-guy move ever: the Sticky Splat Slingshot. Catboy, however, wants the mission to be his biggest save yet.
20 20 "Owlette of a Kind" April 22, 2016 120A
By day, Connor, Greg, and Amaya were practicing gymnastics at the school playground. Connor decides to do a front roll, but that makes Amaya mad because she says it's "her thing". Then, the teacher announces that the gym mats were missing, which is strange to him. By night, the PJ Masks find out that Romeo stole the gym mats because of his latest invention: the Power Copier. Romeo copies Owlette's powers, but Catboy and Gekko get in the middle of a big boom, and now THEY have Owlette's powers, too! Every time Catboy and Gekko try to fly, Owlette gets mad at them for using "her powers".
"Beat the Drum, Catboy" April 22, 2016 120B
By day, Greg and Amaya notice that Connor is going to lead a big parade. Connor tells Greg and Amaya that he cannot lead the parade without his drum. But when some kids notice that part of a float has been painted purple, Connor realizes that his drum was stolen by a Ninjalino. By night, the PJ Masks soon find out that Night Ninja is taking over the parade, and he's renaming it, the Night Ninja Parade Spectacular. Catboy is worried about his drum SO MUCH, that he forgets about Owlette and Gekko.
21 21 "Catboy Squared" June 20, 2016 121A
Catboy's desire to have everything his way gets out of hand when Romeo's multiplying machine accidentally makes lots of Catboy copies. With every Catboy insisting on his way or the highway, Romeo might finally take over the world.
"Gekko's Super Gekko Sense" June 20, 2016 121B
Night Ninja challenges the PJ Masks to a game of Capture the Flag with the PJ Mask HQ as the prize. But when Gekko doesn't feel his powers will earn them the victory, he makes up a new power that could cost them the victory.
22 22 "Owlette and the Owletteenies" July 15, 2016 122A
When Night Ninja finally pushes the Ninjalinos too far, they become Owlette’s new sidekicks. But when Owlette forgets what it means to be a good leader, the Ninjalinos cause some chaos of their own.
"Gekko's Blame Campaign" July 15, 2016 122B
The mini-car that Greg borrowed from Cameron goes missing after he doesn't take good care of it. And when it turns up in the nighttime powered up by Luna Girl, Gekko's desire to not take the blame allows the villainess to nearly destroy HQ.
23 23 "Owlette and the Moonflower" August 19, 2016 123A
Luna Girl uses her Luna Beam to create a giant evil moonflower and once it blooms, its seeds will scatter throughout the city and turn it into her very own giant weed garden. Owlette won't admit how little she knows about plants and each of her plans get the weed closer and closer to blooming.
"Slowpoke Gekko" August 19, 2016 123B
Gekko has to learn to not get distracted if he wants to stop Romeo from using his super slow ray to take over the world.
24 24 "Catboy and the Lunar Dome" October 21, 2016 124A
Luna Girl drops a giant dome on top of the PJ Masks' headquarters and traps them inside.
"Gekko and the Rock of All Power" October 21, 2016 124B
The PJ Masks have to stop Night Ninja from destroying the city with the "Rock of All Power".
25 25 "Super-Sized Gekko" December 2, 2016 125A
Luna Girl attempts to steal all the parade floats.
"Take to the Skies, Owlette" December 2, 2016 125B
The three friends are excited for the loop-the-loop airplane show, but two adults tell them it's been cancelled because the planes were stolen. Amaya is confident that she'd stop the villain with her amazing flying skills. In the night, Night Ninja is flying around with the planes. Owlette tries to stop the planes with the Owl Glider, but Night Ninja makes her crash and breaks the Owl Glider. Catboy and Gekko try to convince their friend to go after him without her vehicle, but she doesn't have enough confidence because she thought she wasn't as good a flier as Night Ninja, due to her crash. Owlette struggles to share a plan with Catboy and Gekko because she though Night Ninja would beat them again, but her friends finally encourage her with support and they get the planes from Night Ninja.
26 26 "Slow Down, Catboy!" February 17, 2017 126A
The PJ Masks race against Night Ninja and Luna Girl to retrieve the stolen Incredible Kid Cup.
"Gekko's Special Rock" February 17, 2017 126B
Luna Girl steals Gekko's special rock and uses it to power up her magnet.

Season Two (2018-2019)

No. in
No. in
Title Original
27 01 "Moonfizzle Balls" January 15, 2018 201A
Luna Girl uses her latest invention, the Moonfizzle Balls to turn everyone in the city into her loyal subjects. Things get more complicated when Gekko and Owlette get affected too, leaving only Catboy to fight Luna Girl.
"Soccer Ninjalinos" January 15, 2018 201B
Owlette learns that being part of the team means coaching Catboy and Gekko to defeat Night Ninja.
28 02 "Lionel-Saurus" January 19, 2018 202A
Romeo uses his self-made pet treats to turn Greg's pet lizard Lionel into a giant that he can control. The PJ Masks have to try and get their hands on the shrinky snacks, that have the ability to transform Lionel back to his normal size, while also keeping the now dinosaur sized lizard from destroying the city.
"Catboy's Cuddly" January 19, 2018 202B
The PJ Masks have to stop Romeo from replacing all of the town's cuddlies with cuddlies modeled after himself. Meanwhile, Catboy tries to hide the fact that he still has a cuddly of his own, fearing people will find it childish.
29 03 "Night of the Cat" January 26, 2018 203A
When Catboy learns of 3 magical cat statues at the museum that can be used for a ritual named "The Night of the Cat", he convinces Owlette and Gekko to help him complete this ritual in hopes of getting more powers, and thus be a better hero. Unfortunately, the whole thing turns out to be a trap set up by Luna Girl, who uses the statues to summon a moon wheel powered by Catboy.
"Catboy Does It Again" January 26, 2018 203B
Romeo reveals his latest invention, the Rewind-O-Ray, which can put everything and everyone into reverse (though it has a glitch that it tends to pause whatever it's used on). When the PJ Masks try to stop him, Romeo simply rewinds them back to HQ every time they show up. Worse: Romeo intends to eventually rewind the PJ Masks to a time before they became heroes, once he manages to fix the glitch.
30 04 "Terrible Two-Some" February 2, 2018 204A
Gekko has to babysit his two teammates, Kitten Boy (Catboy) and Baby Birdie/Chicklette (Owlette) after Romeo zaps them with his invention and uses it to make everyone act like babies.
"Owlette's Luna Trouble" February 2, 2018 204B
Owlette must put aside her jealous feelings to help Luna Girl get her Luna Board and magnet back from Romeo.
31 05 "Ninja Moths" February 9, 2018 205A
The moths and the Ninjalinos have gone rogue by teaming up to get rid of their own leaders.
"Who's Got the Owl Power?" February 9, 2018 205B
The PJ Masks compete with Night Ninja to see who can first find 3 hidden treasures by solving clues on an ancient scroll. Unbeknownst to them, Night Ninja is letting the heroes win so he can steal the treasuers from them afterwards and use them to improve his Sticky Splat.
32 06 "PJ Pinball" February 23, 2018 206A
Just as the PJ Masks think they can handle everything, Romeo steals a wrecking ball and uses it to turn the whole city into the largest, most destructive game of pinball.
"Bounce-a-Tron" February 23, 2018 206B
Night Ninja steals Romeo's latest invention, the Bounce-a-lot Machine. He uses it to turn his Sticky Splats into bouncy splats, which he and the Ninjalinos spread around the city, creating chaos.
33 07 "Wacky Floats" March 9, 2018 207A
Night Ninja and Romeo team up to steal all the floats from the upcoming carnival parade, so Romeo can turn them into his evil Robot Floats with which he hopes to conquer the world. While they do that, Gekko tries to save his favorite one.
"Romeo's Disguise" March 9, 2018 207B
Romeo captures Owlette and uses a new Disguise Machine to disguise himself as her so he can trick Catboy and Gekko into capturing Luna Girl, her moths, Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos.
34 08 "PJ Robot" April 6, 2018 208A
Romeo invents a new mini-robot, which the PJ Masks quickly take a liking to. They bring him to HQ and make him a member of their team, but soon learn this was all part of a plan by Romeo to lure them into a trap.
"PJ Power Up" April 6, 2018 208B
When PJ Robot discovers a mysterious crystal statue in the headquarters, he accidentally knocks it off and causes the PJ Masks to lose their powers during a fight with Night Ninja & his Ninjalinos.
35 09 "Moonstruck: Race to the Moon" April 20, 2018 209A
The PJ Masks must travel to the Moon to keep Luna Girl from improving her Luna Magnet powers, but Gekko is afraid of space.
"Moonstruck: Lunar Fortress" April 20, 2018 209B
The PJ Masks must travel to the moon to keep Luna Girl from improving her Luna Magnet powers, but Gekko is afraid of space.
36 10 "Robot's Pet Cat" May 11, 2018 210A
Romeo uses his new invention, to turn Catboy into an actual cat so he can become Robot's pet. He plans to turn all the people in the city into animals for his new zoo. Things get worse when Robot grows so fond of his new pet, that he rebels against Romeo and tries to destroy the invention to ensure Catboy will stay a cat forever.
"Gekko, Master of the Deep" May 11, 2018 210B
Romeo turns Robot into Roboctopus, who uses his long arms to steal all metal objects from the city and turn them into more arms for himself. Since he's hiding underwater, Gekko is the only one that can reach and stop him. But Gekko is afraid to go into the cave Romeo and Robot are using as a hideout, yet he doesn't want to admit this to Catboy and Owlette.
37 11 "May the Best Power Win" June 15, 2018 211A
Romeo uses his new spy bot to learn about the PJ Masks' new powers, and uses this information to create an All-In-One Power Belt for Robot specifically to counter these new powers.
"Moonbreaker" June 15, 2018 211B
When Romeo starts digging on the moon, the PJ Masks enlist Luna Girl's help.
38 12 "Race Up to Mystery Mountain" June 22, 2018 212A
The PJ Masks seek to stop Night Ninja from stealing a magical ring hidden at the top of Mystery Mountain.
"The Mountain Prisoner" June 22, 2018 212B
After having failed to retrieve the magic ring from Mystery Mountain due to the many booby traps, Night Ninja has his Ninjalinos kidnap PJ Robot and imprison him so he can force the PJ Masks to get the ring for him instead.
39 13 "The Wolfy Kids" July 6, 2018 213A
Catboy has to learn it's not all about him while trying to stop the new villains in town, the Wolfys.
"Wolf-O-Saurus" July 6, 2018 213B
Gekko's knowledge of less-known dinosaurs will help the PJ Masks to get back the stolen prehistoric bones from the Wolfy Kids.
40 14 "Catboy No More" July 27, 2018 214A
Robot made a Catboy costume for Romeo who then steals Catboy's powers. To stop Romeo, Catboy will have to learn to be a superhero – even without any superpowers.
"Gekko vs. Splatcano" July 27, 2018 214B
Night Ninja has transformed the Mystery Mountain into a Splatcano and Gekko worries that he can't help Catboy and Owlette stop the villain because he is only the muscles of the PJ Masks team.
41 15 "Meet Armadylan" August 3, 2018 215A
When the PJ Masks meet Armadylan, they think he is a superhero like them.
"Invisible Owlette" August 3, 2018 215B
Owlette is accidentally turned invisible.
42 16 "Wolfy Mountain" August 10, 2018 216A
When the Wolfy Kids invade Mystery Mountain, Night Ninja and the PJ Masks must work together.
"Romeo's Crystal Clear Plan" August 10, 2018 216B
Romeo steals the Moon Crystal, but the PJ Masks are convinced that Luna Girl is the culprit.
43 17 "Nobody's Sidekick" August 17, 2018 217A
Romeo tricks Armadylan into thinking he's turned into a good guy.
"Armadylan Menace" August 17, 2018 217B
Night Ninja convinces Armadylan that the PJ Masks stole all the new Flossy Flash comics.
44 18 "Powerpond Weed" September 21, 2018 218A
Gekko's powers increase during an underwater mission.
"Owlette Comes Clean" September 21, 2018 218B
While trying to stop Luna Girl, Owlette breaks an observatory's telescope lens and blames her nemesis.
45 19 "Halloween Tricksters" October 5, 2018 219
The PJ Masks must protect children from Luna Girl, Night Ninja and the Wolfy Kids who have teamed up to steal Halloween goody bags.
46 20 "The Wolfies Take HQ" October 12, 2018 220A
The Wolfies get into HQ and transform it into their den.
"The Good Wolfy" October 12, 2018 220B
While the Wolfies run amok, Gekko doubts he has what it takes to be good, and Kevin isn't sure he wants to be mean.
47 21 "The Wolfy Plan" November 2, 2018 221A
Rip tries to gather feathers from Owlette's wings to let the Wolfies fly.
"The Lizard Theft" November 2, 2018 221B
After skeletons are stolen from the museum, the PJ Masks think the Wolfies are the culprits.
48 22 "PJ Dylan" November 16, 2018 222A
After stopping an asteroid from crashing into the city, Armadylan thinks he's one of the PJ Masks.
"Armadylan'd and Dangerous" November 16, 2018 222B
Romeo tries to use Armadylan's powers to improve his lab.
49 23 "Romeo's Action Toys" January 25, 2019 223A
Romeo turns Owlette's Flossy Flash figure into a device that transforms the other PJ Masks into action figures.
"The Dragon Gong" January 25, 2019 223B
Night Ninja steals an ancient gong to awaken a real Dragon.
50 24 "Romeocoaster" February 22, 2019 224A
Romeo creates a live video game and the PJ Masks must work with the other villains to stop him.
"Flight of the Ninja" February 22, 2019 224B
After getting separated, Gekko must face his mistakes alone to defeat Night Ninja.
51 25 "Gekko and the Opposite Ray" March 8, 2019 225A
Romeo's newest device turns Owlette and Catboy into villains.
"PJ Masks vs. Bad Guys United" March 8, 2019 225B
All the villains (except the Wolfy Kids) join forces to finally defeat the PJ Masks once and for all.
52 26 "Easter Wolfies" March 22, 2019 226A
The PJ Masks need to protect the chocolate eggs for an Easter hunt from the Wolfies.
"Luna and the Wolfies" March 22, 2019 226B
Luna Girl works with the Wolfy Kids to distract the PJ Masks while she steals the museum.

Season Three (2019-2020)

Episode # Episode Title Original air date Production code
1 Moon Madness April 19, 2019 301
2 Armadylan and Robette Rule; Armadylan Zen April 26, 2019 302
3 Way of the Woofy; Werejalinos May 3, 2019 303
4 PJ Comet; Glowy Moths May 17, 2019 304
5 Teacher Goes Ninja; Robot Goes Wrong May 31, 2019 305
6 Lionel's Powers; Best Friends Forever June 7, 2019 306
7 Meet An Yu June 21, 2019 307
8 The Moon Prix; Pirates Ahoy! July 5, 2019 308
9 The Secret of the Pagoda; Storm of the Ninja July 12, 2019 309
10 Arma-Leader; Owlette Slips Up July 19, 2019 310
11 The Splat Monster August 2, 2019 311
12 Moth on the Moon; Fly Me to the Moon August 30, 2019 312
13 Luna's Cosmic Tantrum; Motsuki The Best September 6, 2019 313
14 Wheels of a Hero; Moonwolfy September 20, 2019 314
15 Clash on Mystery Mountain; A Teeny Weeny Problem October 11, 2019 315
16 Take Romeo off the Road; Mission: PJ Seeker October 18, 2019 316
17 Wolfy Powers; Do The Gekko November 8, 2019 317
18 Armadylan, Action Hero; Super Muscles Show Off November 15, 2019 318
19 The Prank Wheelz; Where's The Wolf Wheelz? November 22, 2019 319
20 Villain of the Sky; Protector of the Sky December 6, 2019 320
21 The PJ Masks Save Christmas December 6, 2019 321
22 Romeo's Melody; PJ Robot Takes Control January 10, 2020 322
23 PJ Sky Pirates; The Disappearing Ninjas January 17, 2020 323
24 Gekko Everywhere; Gekko Takes Charge January 24, 2020 324
25 Big Sister Motsuki; PJ Party Crasher February 7, 2020 325
26 Master of the Moat; PJ Robot Vs Romeo March 13, 2020 326

Season Four (2020) - (2021)

Episode # Episode Title Original air date Production code
1 Heroes of the Sky May 15, 2020 401
2 Who Let the Moths In?; Commander Meow May 29, 2020 402
3 Motsuki's Missing Sister; Not so Ninja June 15, 2020 403
4 PJ Party Mountain; Wolfies of the Pagoda July 6, 2020 404
5 Master Fang's Secret; Aerodylan July 20, 2020 405
6 Asteroid Accident; All About Asteroids August 3, 2020 406
7 Romeo's Space Machine; Newton and the Ninjas August 17, 2020 407
8 Missing Space Rock; Flying Factory Out of Control August 31, 2020 408
9 Munki-gu; Munki-gu in the City September 14, 2020 409
10 Mission Munki-gu; Legend of the Wolfy Bone October 5, 2020 410
11 Gekko Vs Armavillain; Super Super Cat Speed October 19, 2020 411
12 Munki-gu's Dragon; Gekko Loves Lionel November 2, 2020 412
13 Octobella; Octo-Trouble November 16, 2020 413
14 Star Buddies; To the Moon and Back November 30, 2020 414
15 Magnet in the Moat; Motsuki Bugs Out December 7, 2020 415
16 Octobella's Garden; Sploshy Splash January 11, 2021 416
17 Teeny Weeny Returns; Robo-Wolf January 25, 2021 417
18 The Labours of Armadylan; Lost in Space February 8, 2021 418
19 The Power of Monkey Chatter; The Secret of Monkey Goodness February 22, 2021 419
20 Pharaoh Boy; By My Pharaoh Feathers March 8, 2021 420
21 Pharaoh's Chariot; PJ Robot Malfunction March 15, 2021 421
22 The Mysterious Masks; Battle Of The Fangs March 22, 2021 422
23 Catboy's Cat; Mad With Moon Power March 29, 2021 423
24 Pharaoh and the Ninjalinos; Pharaoh's Boomerangs May 31, 2021 424
25 Bubbles of Badness June 7, 2021 425

Season Five (2021-2022)

Episode # Episode Title Original air date Production code
1 Ninja Power Up August 13, 2021 501
2 Luna Goes Too Far; Owly Tricks August 20, 2021 502
3 Newton The Destructor; Luna Kazoomer August 27, 2021 503
4 Baddie Bots; Newton and the Animals September 3, 2021 504
5 Octobella Strikes Again; Octobella on the Loose September 10, 2021 505
6 Teeny Weeny To The Rescue; Invisible Munki-Gu September 17, 2021 506
7 Orticia Blooms; Orticia And The Pumpkins September 24, 2021 507
8 Pirate Robot; Owlette, The Pirate Queen October 29, 2021 508
9 Catboy's Magic Trick; Gekko The Croc November 12, 2021 509
10 The Camping Trip; Pondweed Party January 7, 2022 510
11 A Percival Problem; Luna Girl's Sleepover February 18, 2022 511
12 Dragon Dance; An Yu and the Cave Stones March 18, 2022 512
13 Midnight Snack Attack; Voyage of the Golden Astroid April 8, 2022 513
14 Carly and Cartoka April 15, 2022 514
15 PJ Riders; Flashcar in the Sky April 22, 2022 515
16 Luna's Mega Moth; Captain Pirate Robot May 6, 2022 516
17 Crash Track Trick; Gekko's Speedy Lizard June 17, 2022 517

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