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Pablo is a penguin who is the main character in The Cold-Blooded Penguin, a segment of Disney's 1945 animated feature film The Three Caballeros. He is a penguin who dislikes living in colder climates, unlike the other penguins that play with their activities they normally do.



Pablo is described as an unusual penguin who always gets cold in his hometown in the South Pole. Due to him getting cold, he constantly accompanies his companion Smokey Joe to keep him warm so that he doesn't get cold.

Later at the end of the segment, he feels satisfied of his success in reaching the Galápagos Island where the area here is always warm. However, despite this, he feels like going back to the South Pole after spending his new life in the tropical climates.


The Three Caballeros[]

Pablo lives in Antarctica like all the other penguins in the segment The Cold-Blooded Penguin, but as suggested by the title of the short, he is always cold and keeps close to his old stove called Smokey Joe in order to stay warm. He makes several attempts to get out of Antarctica and sail to warmer climates in the Galápagos Island in which several of his attempts were not successful. However, on his way to the warmer climates, he encounters a thick blanket of fog as he manages to get past the foggy coast. Pablo then discovers the Juan Fernandez Islands where he would stay warm, but he found out that the area was already occupied as Pablo sets sail to look for another warmer area.

Pablo manages to sail past Viña del Mar (which is shown on his map) and later past Chile's rocky coast. On his way, Pablo then sees the mountain of Quito, Ecuador and finally the equator. Unable to cross the equator, King Neptune manages to help him reach warmer climates. On his way to the Galápagos Island, Pablo notices his boat started melting as he utilizes a bathtub and his stove as a boat to reach the Galápagos Island. Pablo successfully makes it to the island and is satisfied that he finally enjoys the warmness in the Galápagos. When Pablo enjoys his new life in the Galápagos, he starts to think he might return to his icy home in the South Pole someday after spending time in the Galápagos.

Printed media[]


Pablo made occasional appearances in comics, the most major of these being a story titled "Cold Blooded Penguin", which featured him meeting and befriending Dumbo.



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