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Paco is a character from the Tokyo DisneySea attraction Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull.


Paco was a South American man who in 1931, worked as the excavation assistant to archaeologist Indiana Jones. He and Jones, and the League of Adventurers excavated the Temple of the Crystal Skull in the Lost River Delta of Cusco, Peru where they searched for the Fountain of Youth. However, the temple was home to the powerful Crystal Skull spirit which chased out the league and caused Dr. Jones to be lost within the temple.

In Indiana Jones' absence, Paco ran operations in the temple and for additional funds he began running tours within the Temple of the Crystal Skull. Paco also established, "Paco Films" to record videos to promote the temple tours and guide guests within the temple. On one of these tours, the tourists crossed paths with the Crystal Skull but also found Indiana Jones then managed to escape the temple.

Disney Parks

Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull

Paco is featured in the pamphlets and pre-show video of this attraction where he is arranging tours of the Temple of the Crystal Skull. His voice-over is also played during the beginning of the ride while within the jeep.

Skipper Canteen

There are seven books written by Paco which are located within the library of the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen. All of these books are titled, "Temple Tours" though the individual titles for the books are, "Hall of Anticipation", "The Chamber of Purity", "Gates of Doom", "Hall of Temptation", "The Tunnel of Torment", "Snake Tours" and, "The Well of Souls". All of these books seem to be based around the Temple of the Crystal Skull's features.


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