Paddy Scanlon is a good friend of Darby O'Gill in Darby O'Gill and the Little People.

Role in the film

Paddy is first seen at the Rathcullen Arms, listening to one of Darby O'Gill's tales about little people known as Leprechauns; especially the one where he first met the King of the Leprechauns, King Brian, along with Tom Kerrigan the owner and Molly Malloy the barmaid.

After Tom confronts Pony Sugrue, the town's mailman and bully, for mocking Darby's stories, Paddy and Tom get back to listening to Darby about his encounter with King Brian in the ruins of Knocknasheega. After the story and learning that Darby tried to wish some gold for each of his friends, Paddy starts talking superstitions about a leprechaun's gold meaning the Devil's gold even if their town's pastor, Father Murphy blessed every coin, and warns Darby to stay away from Knocknasheega and not to mess with a 5,000 year old king like King Brian, or he will put the come-hither on him and make him his slave forever, meaning no gold for him. But to comfort Paddy, Darby says he has learned 100 tricks in his life with King Brian, and promises to leave his share to the Church without letting Father Murphy know where he got it, which causes everyone including Paddy to laugh until they notice Father Murphy in the Inn, having listened to Darby's story the whole time.


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