Paint is a substance in Epic Mickey that can be used with Mickey's Paintbrush. Paint can make Blotlings and characters friendly towards Mickey and unmelt thinned characters. It can slow the Beetleworx but can't destroy their armors or change them. Paint is the functional counterpart to Thinner.


Paint is a blue substance that acts as a source of life and energy, thus it is the main substance that all cartoon creations are made of. With it, characters, buildings and objects that were destroyed by Thinner can be restored. But without Paint, characters become inanimate, lifeless statue-esque husks. Cartoon characters exposed to extra paint will make them more friendly and cheerful; Blotlings exposed not only gain a similar attitude, but also lose their viciousness entirely, becoming allies to Mickey as a result. Paint is the one of the tools Mickey can use on his quest to become an epic hero and represents Mickey's heroic side. The more paint Mickey uses, the less ink will rise off of Mickey, making him look more "solid." Residents of the Wasteland will also become happier and act nicer towards Mickey. Using paint, Mickey will be able to attract Tints.


Epic Mickey

Paint and Thinner were the elements that Yen Sid used with the paintbrush to create the Wasteland in its early phases. When Mickey snuck into the sorcerer's study, he fiddled with the paint to create a smaller version of himself, adding more paint until it created and inky monster. Panicking for his life, Mickey splashed Thinner into the beast and tried to clean up his mess while spilling paint on the model in the process. In his haste however, the Thinner combined with the monster's Paint to create the Blot. The Blot then proceeded to escape into the Wasteland, using its power to corrupt the land and suck Paint out of many cartoon characters, including Ortensia.

In game, Mickey can use the Paint along with Thinner with the use of his paintbrush. Depending on the amount of Paint used, Mickey will earn achievements that highlight his more positive actions. At the end of the game, Paint is spilled across Wasteland, restoring it to its former glory and reviving everyone stripped of paint.


  • When more Paint is used, the music of the game will sound slightly more upbeat.

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